Friday, July 29, 2005


Sometimes you get involved with
something and it gets so intense
that you lose sight of everything

Last week I was in Fort Lauderdale
to see my granddaughter play soft
ball. She is on one of those teams
that you see on ESPN. For three
days I sat in the hot sun watching
a bunch of 16 year old girls striving
to succeed. The running, the batting,
the pitching. It was a marvelous
experience. They were on one hand
serious and on the other just a bunch
of kids having fun. So I come back to
Camden County refreshed. For a
little while I will try to be less intense.
It will not be easy. There are many
problems to be faced. But, for this one
moment I feel very relaxed and at
peace with the world.

Have a great Camden County Weekend.

May the new school year bring you
much joy.

Sandy Feller
County Commissioner
District 4

"Working for the future without forgetting the past"

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Last weeks work session on "At Will
Employment" was a warning to
Camden County Workers.
Keep your mouth shut or
you're gone!!!!

The Commissioners bragging about
how they keep things from me is a
self indictment. They are saying
that there is wrong doing going on
and I must not find out. By
threatening the employees of the
County with firing (without cause)
they are admitting it.

It's your County and your lives
that are effected. I was elected
to serve you and you alone. Let
them know how you feel, don't let
them push you around.

Email us at
with your comments.
Denise R. Taylor writes about JDA:
After reading the new JDA contract
I believe it is worst than the previous
contract. The new contract is not just
based on the JDA receiving an enormous
amount of money. In fact the contract
states that the County will pay the JDA
$854,835.00 July 1, 2005. After that the
JDA will receive an amount equal to a one
mill ad valorem tax on all property in the
County. Therefore what they receive is
based on how many properties are on the
tax digest. With the way the County is
growing this could potentially be millions
per year with no accountability.

I'm a previous Contract Surveillance
Representative for the Government.
In all of my years of governmental services
I have never seen a contract written
like this. A lot of people are getting their
palms greased at taxpayers expense. In
reference to them hollering about how
wonderful Express Scripts is and how
beneficial they are to this community.
I say what are we receiving for all the
millions that we have given! They say
they brought jobs when Durango closed
down. Well Durango had very few, if any
employees that made $8 - $10 per hour.
I am not knocking the employees but with
this type of salary you can't qualify for a
house in Camden. So what are we receiving
for the millions that we have given.

Another question.
If Camden County was such a great place
to locate a business, why, instead of us paying
them, didn't they pay us to come here?

The taxpayers of Camden are paying for a
35 million dollar bond that purchased the
building, renovated the facility, purchase
all necessary equipment, tax exempt for 10
years, no inventory tax for 10 years, I can go
on forever. We gave them a 564,000.00
interest free loan. We gave them $998,000.00
from the OneGeorgia Authority. The State
gives them $1,750.oo everytime they hire
a new employee.
(The Job Fairs are very prosperous)

Steve Berry stated that they have shared
with him what they are doing with all of
the money that the taxpayers have dumped
into the JDA confers. I see this as
unacceptable, I feel the taxpayers should be
informed as to what they are doing with
all of this money. If you look at the previous
County Commission minutes you can see
how aggressive Steve was against the JDA.
Now all of a sudden he is the only one in
the know. Hmmmmmmm........

I really hate how they treat you at the
County Commission meetings. But I
understand the disguise. If you say
something Stevie chimes in to distort
what you are saying so that the public
will miss the issue. He wants you to
appear non-knowledgeable so that he
and others can continue this travesty
against the taxpayers. I just hope that
others see through the smoke..... You
were dead on point about the BOE, I
had a conversation with Ed McKoy
before the meeting. He shared with
me that he is the only one on the
BOE currently. I thought it was priceless
when he outed Brent Green at the meeting,
what a liar. Just think he is the County
Attorney. Has anyone ever heard of
"breach of fiduciary duty."

I know that its not easy and my heart
goes out to you. I pray for you all the
time. Keep up the good work! God is
watching and he takes care of those that
take care of his children.

Please tell me that what I saw is not true!!!!!
Danny Daniels was wearing a Camden
County Sheriff Office shirt. I ask the guy
beside me and he stated that he has been
employed by the Sheriffs Department for
awhile. How can this be? This guy was
caught red handed stealing from the
taxpayers of Camden County and now
he is employed by the Sheriff. I was told
at the meeting that not only is he employed
by the Sheriff but Charles Ackridge refused
to give Cindy Daniels a raise because she
makes more than anyone else that holds
her position(he is going to fax me a copy
of the denial letter from Charles). But
Penny Woodards first order of business
was to issue the promotion. What does
Daniels have on the others that enables
both he and his wife to prosper in these
muddy waters. What does the D.A. say
about all of this?

Please say that none of this is true. Are
there any honest elected or appointed
people in this county? Is anyone thinking
about the long term effects of all of these
bad decisions? What's really going on?
One thing I know for sure, my son who
is 14 years old will not be able grow old
in Camden County.

Ruben Gomez writes about:
Dear Sandy,
Yesterday, I had the privilege to read
two inside reports showing what is
really going on in our was
indeed an appalling experience. Although
we live in a country embarked in
teaching the world about the ins and
outs of democracy and transparency in
government, in our little world we are
tolerating and consenting a small band of
crooked politicians who puts us up to shame.

These seven men, who either directly have
their hands in the "cookie jar" or are guilty
by association, not only believe they own
their seats to perpetuity but are all corrupt
to the bone. Who are they?.....their names
will come out sooner than later, and I am
saying that because as much as they have
mastered the Law of Flotation which allows
them to float like corks in our sea of politics,
that same fact will keep them exposed to the
public eye and their mistakes will give them
away as we just have started to see and witness.

In closing, I have to say to my fellow
camdencountians, we either get prepared to
grab the bull by the horns or we will get
exactly what we deserve.

Hope we will keep on deserving God's blessings.

D. Writes about E.B. Herrins Inmate:
In response to the person who questions the
name of the individual sentenced to long jail
term - mute point, the guy has been discharged
by the Sheriff's office.

S. Writes about Accountability in Government:
The problem is that the politicians don't feel
any pressure to be responsible. No company
would ever exist or survive if the folks in charge
didn't feel accountable. Government has gotten
to the point to where all they can do is tax and
spend with out realistic accountability. As long
as we have government running things and no
real accountability we are going to stay in
trouble. In private enterprises you can fire a
fellow immediately. In government we have to
put up with the malfeasance and misfeasance
for years before we can make a change. We
need to get as much of our business out of the
hands of government as we can. Privatized
every thing that we can get some accountable
capitalists to operate. We can go to all the
meetings that can be scheduled and we still
have the problem. We can fuss and fight till
we are hoarse and we go home with the same
problem. Governments that are not accountable.
When we have to sell our homes to be able to
retire and can't live on what we can scrap up
we will then be face to face with our future.
It is surely coming down to that. I have nothing
but pity and concern for the mess we are leaving
to our young folks. I am so thankful that I was
growing up in the 50's and early 60's before
the socialistic politicians got a grip on this
country and I was alive when morality,
character and responsibility was alive and
well. If we were doing so many things wrong
then, how do we explain today?

Sandy Sez:
As we start a new school year let us vow to
show our children (by example) that truly
"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

Have a Great Day.....

Sandy Feller
County Commissioner
District 4

"Working for the future without forgetting the past"

Friday, July 22, 2005


is truly a gem for the people of
Camden County and the rest of the
State of Georgia.

Senate Bill 86 seeks to overcome the
negatives of the U.S. Supreme Court
regarding Eminent Domain (the
taking of private property by

While the cities and the county and
especially the JDA rub their hands
in glee with the prospect of taking
land for their friends "the developers."
Senators Chapman, Williams,
Johnson, Whitehead and Goggans
are working for you.

Please read what they are proposing.
It has passed the Senate and will
reach the HOUSE in January.

Senate Bill 86
By: Senators Chapman of the 3rd, Williams
of the 19th, Goggans of the 7th, Johnson of
the 1st, Whitehead, Sr. of the 24th and others



1 To amend Chapter 1 of Title 22 of the
Official Code of Georgia Annotated,
relating to 2 general provisions applicable
to eminent domain, so as to change certain
provisions relating 3 to the nature of the
right of eminent domain; to provide for the
limitation of public purposes 4 for which
eminent domain may be exercised; to provide
for statutory construction; to provide 5 for
legislative intent; to provide for related matters;
to repeal conflicting laws; and for other 6 purposes.



Chapter 1 of Title 22 of the Official Code of Georgia
Annotated, relating to general provisions applicable
to eminent domain, is amended by striking in its
entirety Code Section 11 22-1-2, relating to the nature
of the right of eminent domain, and inserting in lieu
thereof the 12 following: "22-1-2.

The right of eminent domain is the right of the state,
through its regular organization, to reassert, either
temporarily or permanently, its dominion over any
portion of the soil of the state on account of public
exigency and for the public good. Thus, in time of
war or insurrection the proper authorities may
possess and hold any part of the territory of the state
for the common safety; and in time of peace the
General Assembly may authorize the appropriation
of the same to public purposes, such as the opening
of roads, construction of defenses, or providing
channels for trade or travel and such other public
purposes as defined in this Code and as limited
bv Code Section 22-1-9."


Said chapter is further amended by adding a new
Code section to the end of such chapter to read as

(a) Pursuant to Article I, Section III, Paragraph I
of the Constitution, the General Assembly is
authorized to determine what constitutes a public
purpose with respect to the power of eminent
domain. A public purpose shall be as defined by
general law as provided by this Code, but in no
event shall a public purpose be construed to include
the exercise of eminent domain solely or primarily
for the purpose of improving tax revenue or the tax
base or the purpose of economic development.
This shall include condemning property for the
purpose of transferring, leasing, or allowing the
use of such property to a private developer,
corporation, or other entity solely or primarily to
attempt to expand tax revenue, increase
the taxable value of the property, or promote
economic development.

(b) To the greatest extent possible, this Code
section shall be construed in accord with existing
statutes authorizing the power of eminent
domain for purposes of community redevelopment,
including, but not limited to, Article 1 of Chapter 3
of Title 8, the 'Housing Authorities Law';
Chapter 42 of Title 36, the 'Downtown
Development Authorities Law';
Chapter 44 of Title 36, the 'Redevelopment Powers
Law'; and Chapter 61 of Title 36, the 'Urban
Redevelopment Law.' However, it is the intent of
the General Assembly that the private property
rights of residents and businesses should be
protected over the interests of private developers
and corporations. Therefore, it is further the
intent of the General Assembly that the power
of eminent domain for purposes of community
redevelopment be used sparingly; and such laws
shall be strictly and narrowly construed for use
solely on legitimate redevelopment projects.
In the event of a conflict between this Code
section and an existing statute authorizing the
power of eminent domain for purposes of
community redevelopment, this Code section
shall control and shall be strictly construed to
protect the private property rights of residents
and businesses over the interests of private
developers and corporations.


All laws and parts of laws in
conflict with this Act are repealed.
Don't forget Master Plan Meeting!!!!!

July 26, 2005 * 6:00p.m.

Camden County Annex
Gross Road next to Library
Sandy Sez:
Call State Representative Cecily Hill
and demand that she supports SB 86.
Make her understand that we are
watching her and will not take
lightly a negative vote.

Have a Great Camden County Weekend.

Sandy Feller
County Commissioner
District 4

"Working for the future without forgetting the past"

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


At Friday (July 15th) Rotary meeting
the program was "Habitat for Humanity."
During the presentation the speaker said
taxes and property values are going up so
fast the firemen and policemen can't live
here. Think about it, people we ask to
put their lives on the line everyday of the
week can't afford to live here.

Elected Officials are basking in the glow
of high property values. Thousands of
lots are sold and thousands more are in
the pipeline. The bubble will burst, however
when the officials have to finance
infrastructure and provide services for all
these people.

We get tax increases that they don't call tax
increases. The property values go up but the
mileage rate stays the same. It sounds good
when you hear the politicians say it. "I didn't
raise your taxes," however when you get the
tax bill low and behold it is higher then before.

When will things get better? Answer:
When you get off the chair and get your mouth
going. Come to meetings of the Cities and
County and start learning whats going on.

Write letters to the editor. Remember we
publish them with or without your name
(your call) and the Tribune and Georgian
will also publish them (with your name).

Do yourself a favor and send to both. Our
address is
B. Writes about state of County:
Sandy, has anyone checked to see who this
person is that Herrin went to bat for? I heard
it was a relative, a nephew. If the judge could
think back to who this person was, then- we
could find out what relations he is.
All I can say is It is about time that we have
someone who will stand up for right.
Go Judge Moroz.

H. Writes about Senate Bill 86:
Sandy, I won't be back in town in time to
attend this, but you know that I support it.What
political body rejected the cap on property taxes?
Was this addressed at a County Commission meeting?
Damnation. I've been trying to follow the news on the
Georgian Tribune website, but that's impossible...if
you want the full story, you have to buy the paper.
Well, they don't sell that silly little paper in Maine.
The website only publishes one story per issue, and
a few headlines and comments. Just enough to make
you worry.

Rueben Gomez. Writes in reference to
Building Inspectors:
Dear Sandy,
I have surveyed the county and municipalities
with the following results:

City of Kingsland
The Director of the Building & Planning Dept.,
Matt LeCerf affirms to have two inspectors
under him (Greg & Donnie).

City of St. Marys
The Director of the Planning & Building Dept.,
Wiley King, has one inspector and claims to be
trying to hire a second one.

City of Woodbine
They don't have a building inspector's staff, their
inspections are done by Kingsland. So, you may
add a zero here.

Camden County
The County Building and Zoning Dept. has one

These bring a total of four (4) inspectors to
take care of the whole countywide load. Naturally
that nothing should stop Matt or Wiley to fill in
for some field inspections when they are done
with their daily paperwork, record keeping, plan
reviewing and permit issueing (laugh). I must also
say here that in spite of my having put Wiley on the
chopping board a few times, he is the better prepared
of the two. In the scale of 1 to 10, I consider Wiley a 5
while Matt can hardly get to a 1-1/2.

Another thing, generally speaking the county is
considered elsewhere as the "big brother" of the
municipalities for being better equipped and
manpowered, but not in Camden County, here the
county is the Cinderella of the bunch.
God helps those who help themselves.
Use the skills you were given and speak
out against injustice.

Have a Great Day......

Sandy Feller
County Commissioner
District 4

"Working for the future without forgetting the past."

Friday, July 15, 2005


It would appear that the County
Commissioners are against the
Kings Bay BRAC Expansion.








Now we learn that there is no
"Board of Equalization." It seems
that we have had no BOE since
December. What is worse is that
the Chairman of the County
Commissioners knew it but didn't
share the information or do anything
about it.

For your information the BOE is the
court of last appeal in questions
involving reassessments of personal
property. Our citizens are forced
to pay interest while their appeals
lie unattended.

I have asked that this item be added
to the agenda at the July 19th meeting.
Hopefully we can take care of it at
that time.

We have got to put on a more organized
face if we are to succeed in getting the
Kings Bay expansion.
The Commission will try to steal
$12,000,000.00 from you on Tuesday
July 19th at 6:00 p.m. in Woodbine.
Once again they will try to give the money
to JDA without details and without

If you value your dollars be at the meeting
(in the old court house). Remember it's
your money. You worked hard, don't let
them steal it from you.
Letters to the Editor
Robert G. Becker writes about Judge:
I have been reading both the Times-
Union and the Tribune and it strikes
me that the Judge of St. Marys was
absolutely correct in sending the
person in question to jail. Not only did
he pass a school bus while discharging
children but to make it more serious he
was found to be under the influence of
alcohol. We already have to many people
driving under the influence. We were
lucky this time that no children were hurt
or killed by this man. I applaud the Judge
for his action, as every police officer should.
If this had been the first time this man had
been stopped with a DUI, it would be bad
enough, but two in one year shows a complete
disregard for his own life and of the people
on the road and that means our children are
at risk. Second why would Commissioner
E.B. Herrin send someone to ask the Judge
to find some other way than sending him to
jail. This smacks of the "good old boys"
trying to get their friends off. It's about
time to put an end to this practice. If you
take a close look at the Judge's record, I
think you'll find he has done a very good job.
Mr. E.B. Herrin and some of the "good old
boys" don't like the idea that the judge
doesn't give "special" favors for "special
people." Thank God we have a good and
fair Judge in St. Marys.

G. Writes in reference to JDA
With respect to the JDA, I think the
county commissioners should pass a law
that says no business shall receive any
taxpayer monies without approval of the
taxpayers. I also think the JDA should
forward an agenda of their next month
activities to the county and local news.
The JDA should be required to disclose
all negotiations involving taxpayers funds.
I believe negotiations for future businesses
in this county is a public issue. As a final
comment, what has the JDA done for me?
The JDA should be dismantled and thrown
on the junk pile of empty promises. Let the
Commissioners take back responsibility for
future development of Camden County.

H. Writes in reference to Tax Releases:
Sandy, what are all these "Tax Release
Applications" that appear on the Commission
agenda and are approved without any discussion?
What's being released? For what?Meanwhile, I
can't get any relief, or response, from the tax
assessors' office regarding my appeal of the 2003
reassessment. How many years should it take?
They've assessed marshland as high ground and
demanded payment of the higher amount for two
years and counting.Thanks for being the consumer
advocate among the boys. It's appreciated.
Tax Release Applications are primarily book keeping
ERRORS being corrected. Some are questionable.
Write a letter to the Tax Assessor on your matter
and CC my office. Let me have reply when received.

Ruben Gomez in reference to Ted Hires:
Dear Sandy,
I do agree with a large percentage of what Ted Hires
(Blog: Government for the people and by the people)
says, we do live in times when rather than "the
government of the people, by the people and for
the people", what in reality prevails is "the government
of the few, by a few, and for a very selected few".
However, it seems to me that his views are sometimes
a bit exaggerated.

My best advice for Ted is to run for office, get elected and
lead by example. If a few of us would do that, we can
certainly change that ominous path we seem to be set in.

D. Writes in reference to Danny Daniels:
Just heard that Danny Daniels is employed (and has
been for a few weeks) by the sheriff as a nurse for the jails.
Is this true? Is this why Ackridge quit because he would
not hire him for that job? Also heard the sheriff had
followed Ackridge and took pictures they used as leverage
to get Ackridge to hire Daniels or quit!
He is employed by the Sheriff Office. I have my suspicions
as to why Akridge left (fired or quit) but I cannot confirm
them. When and if I do I will let the public know.

B. Writes in reference JDA
Dear Mr. Feller:
I appreciate you efforts to bring these matters to
our attention. The fact that the commission is
continually accepting one bid on major jobs is
bad and makes me question the integrity of the
commissioner for doing so. Are they getting paid
on the side for continuing to accept contracts on
a one bid basis? this is suspicion they bring on
themselves, not something that the public contrives.
However, in Camden county 95% of the public
would never think about it. The Camden County
public, for the most part, are cows out to pasture.
They only see the green grass before them, nothing
else, nor do they want to see or know anything else.
In fact, the Camden county public loves to pay taxes,
why else would they continue to support local and
county governments that piss money away like we
do in Camden county.
HOWEVER, I think the JDA must have some degree
of secrecy to be successful in negotiations. Otherwise,
the competition would up the anty a nickel and we
would always loose. Believe it or not, the landing of
Express Scripts was a major win for our JDA and
for any JDA anywhere. There are many JDA directors
who have spent a life time in the field and never have
come close to anything like an Express Scripts.
Additional, after one deal like Express Scripts others
often follow and the JDA board better make hay
while the sun shines because this seldom comes along.
So Mr.Feller, get out of the way on JDA. Let them roll.
At least we get something out of it.
I thank you for your thoughts. With reference to JDA.
I am a County Commissioner and when the JDA
deliberately keeps information from me and not
the other Commissioners. I have to wonder why?
When I reviewed the terms of the deal (I had to
make a "Freedom of Information" request to get it.)
I saw why! They gave away the store. So I do not
intend to "get out of the way of the JDA 1 inch."

Chuck writes about Clerk of the Court:
What needs to be done to have the Clerk of The Court
publish in the paper or at least make available on-line,
property transfers within the County. It is a good way
of knowing who your new neighbors are as well as an
alert to whom is buying what and for how much. It also
tends to keep some Real Estate Agents on their toes.
Let me know your thoughts
An excellent thought. I suggest you send her a letter
to that effect. Automation would solve all of these
problems. Let us know what she says.

H. Writes in reference to Departure of Mr. Akridge:
I'm hoping to find time to letter the editor, and I'll
copy you. I couldn't be more pleased, so long as "we"
hire properly to replace. I can't thank you enough for
all you do for the citizens of Camden County, whether
they understand or appreciate it or not. We need four
more like you
. The best thing to come out of Sanctuary
Cove will be an intelligent man of means and leisure to
run for County Commission from this district.
Sooner than later, I hope.
Thank you. You are right.....

G. Writes in reference to Camden Jail:
I guess there is a feud now between Hal Moroz
and E. B. Herrin about how St Marys, excessively,
causes minor traffic violators to serve jail time.
I certainly do not know the validity. Gordon
Jackson of the Times Union Quoted Mr Herrin
as saying "It's a lie. I don't even know the man.
He's running his lies like he runs his court - slanted"
That was a reference To Judge Moroz. What I know
is that E.B. Herrin ran for Commissioner on the
platform that he would not vote for any new taxes.
No sooner he got in office did he vote for a tax increase.
Now, who to believe?
I find Judge Moroz to be a man of integrity. Mr. Herrin
is Mr. Herrin. His reputation is well known!

Sandy Sez:
The apparent personal involvement of
certain County Commissioners in Judicial
matters in St. Marys Court is totally
unacceptable. To strike out at the residents
of St. Marys because of personal pique
is just wrong. Let us hope that we just
drop the fee for housing matter regarding
the cities as quickly as possible and hope
that nobody notices what took place.
Remember we must show our best face
to the world during this time (BRAC).

County Commissioner
District 4
"Working for the future without
forgetting the past."


Wednesday, July 13, 2005



FOR TEN YEARS I have been preaching
this to no avail. People just weren't
tuned in. They just couldn't see its value.

Now in fellow Commissioner Steve Berry
I have found a vocal and articulate ally.

Let us understand what this really means.
In one fell stroke we can control our future
by zoning every inch of Camden County.
By zoning I mean that every land owner
big or small will know what he can do with
his property "by right." He does not need
further permission from Government.

For the General Public it means that they
will know what Camden County will look
like 10 to 20 years from now. They will
know where the schools are, where the
firehouses are, where the single family
houses are, where the business's are, where
the factories are, etc.

A good case is St. Marys Road. For years
occupants of Osprey Cove and others have
been concerned by what the future might
bring for that corridor. After all, there are
tremendous timber lands located all thru the
area. With a master plan they will know.

I urge all concerned citizens to attend a
work shop being conducted by the County
Commission on July 26 at the Camden County
Annex on Gross Road. By your attendance you
will show that you are concerned about the
future of our community.

With all the natural growth brought on by the
closing of the mill and now the Kings Bay
expansion we can wait no longer. The clock
is ticking..... Will we be ready when the clock
strikes? It's up to you!

Sandy Feller
County Commissioner
District 4

Friday, July 08, 2005


State Senator Jeff Chapman and Judge
Hal Moroz have one thing in common
"people come first." In the former the
Senators position to freeze property
taxes and to modify the Eminent Domain
Laws protecting the common mans position
are outstanding. In the latter, Judge Moroz
believes that the guilty should be punished.

The one flaw in Judge Moroz's logic is
"The rich and connected of Camden County
are not subject to the same rules as you and I.

Case in point County Manager Barry King,
Planning Director Frank Etheridge, Executive
Assistant Denese Etheridge, County Manager
Charles Akridge, all believed that the law was
the law and you know where they ended up
"out on their you know what." They were
fired with no mercy what so ever.

So it is good for the soul to see two fine men
who think about common folk for a change.
I urge you to let them know you care and are

Sandy Sez:
We are cutting this message short because
everybody is sick. We will begin publishing
Wednesday and Friday next week. Thanks
alot and have a Great Camden County

Keep Dry....

Sandy Feller, County Commissioner
District 4

Friday, July 01, 2005

Are we still a government BY the people?


It's NOT what our founding fathers
intended. A few judiciary members
are taking the constitution and making
it mean whatever they feel like it's
supposed to mean, or what they want
it to mean; they are legislating from the

The legislature passes a law some judges
don't like it and they rule it unconstitutional.
They've taken every semblance of God from
everything in this country. We can't have
the cross, can't have the ten commandments
anywhere, can't say a prayer or speak the
name of God. They say the constitution is a
"living" document, but the constitution, like
the Bible, doesn't change. It says what it
means and means what it says.

That citizens elect legislators to pass laws
seems irrelevant today. A few judges now
determine what is going to be law. They
write the law and they tell you whether
something can or cannot be done, and no
matter what the president or Congress does,
they thumb their noses and do what they
want, based on their opinions and, I guess,
their personal convictions.

Just today a news flash reports that a federal
judge declared Nebraska's ban on same-sex
marriages unconstitutional. The constitutional
amendment defining marriage as the union of a
man and a woman was passed by Nebraska's
voters in November 2000 with 70 percent of
the vote. SEVENTY PERCENT approved the
amendment, but one judge negates the mandate.

"Consent of the governed"
The United States Constitution declares: We
hold these truths to be self-evident, that all
men are created equal, that they are endowed
by their Creator with certain unalienable
rights, that among these are life, liberty and
the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these
rights, that among men, deriving their just
powers from the consent of the governed.
That whenever any form of government
becomes destructive (CAMDEN COUNTY)
of these ends, it is the right of the people to
alter or abolish it, and to institute new
government, laying its foundation on such
principles and organizing its powers in such
form, as to them shall seem most likely to
effect their safety and happiness.

An elected official told me not long ago that he
was elected to vote his convictions. I responded,
"No, I did not vote for you to vote your
convictions; your convictions could be wrong.
I voted for you to do what's right, what's honest,
and to represent and do the will of the people."

You can have a conviction about something
that's not right for our city as a whole, or our
state or country as a whole. Just because people
say, "My conscience is clear," or "I voted my
convictions," that's ridiculous. We're supposed
to be a government by the people. That is over -
it's gone. And I don't know if we'll ever get it back.
BY: Ted Hires, Sr. Founder of Justice Coalition's
Victims' Advocate
G. writes in reference to County Manager:
First I would like to thank you again for all that you
do for the taxpayers of Camden County. Things are
really heating up!!! Charles Akridge resigns, Danny
Daniels receives a plaque and God only knows what
else. Danny Daniels the next Camden County Manager?

Sandy Sez:
"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance" This is a
quote from SCOTLAND circa 1892. If we remain
silent when we are surrounded by wrong doing
we are DOOMED!!!

Camden County wake up and smell the coffee!!

Have a great Camden County July 4th.

Sandy Feller, County Commissioner
District 4