Wednesday, August 31, 2005


The next time someone criticizes
Judge Moroz for being too heavy
handed re: DWI tell him to contact
Lt. Governor Taylor. Recently Mr.
Taylors son was involved in a fatal
automobile accident.

If a police officer had spotted and
pulled over Mr. Taylors son 5 minutes
earlier, the sons best friend would
still be alive. (See Georgia Times
Union Saturday August 27th).
How would you like "No new taxes"
for 5 years? Read Fridays edition of
Camden Ga News. "The eyes and ears
of Camden County".

When is a tax increase a tax increase?
Read Fridays edition of Camden Ga
News. "The eyes and ears of Camden
I am advised by the County Clerk that the
matter has been turned over to the County
Attorney. After he gets through with it,
it will be advertised in the Tribune and
Georgian for a public hearing.
L. Writes about Steve Berry letter:

Dear Mr. Feller
I recently received a letter from
Commissioner Steve Berry where he brags
about his voting record on taxes. He must
think I and yawl have no memory.

Well lets see, the Soccer Courts were
supposed to be $95,000. They turned out
to be $187,000. He pushed thru Winding
Road only $500,000.00. (5 Families
live there)

In both cases his personal clients benefited.
I remember Sandy, because you kept
talking about it. So we do listen to whats
going on and whats being said.

As far as taxes I still remember what you
said. If your tax bill is higher than the
year before, you got a tax increase.
Well it did and I got it! In the neck!!
Keep up the good work.

B. Writes about AT-Will:
E. B. Herrin is a tyrant. When he got
in this time he fired Barry King, Denise
Etheridge, Frank Etheridge and forced
out the Road Dept. Manager and the
County Manager Mr. Akridge. Now he
wants AT-Will Employment. I hope
somebody runs against him next year.
I can't vote in his election. But I
surely will send money to anyone who
runs against him!

C. writes about blog:
I honestly believe a blog is a wonderful
avenue to express yourself, a First
Amendment byproduct which is used
by many to express, explain, and
sometimes bitch and moan. I would
just like to give my opinion to you in
regards to your blog if I may.

First, I find only one difference between
yourself and Denise Taylor. You hold an
elected position and she does not. Other
than that, the similarities are bountiful.
It is one thing for Mrs. Taylor to talk down
about the local government and its
officials since she is talking ONLY as a
citizen of Camden. You on the other
hand sir are holding a very powerful
position in our land. You have the
ability to transform this county into
an ideal piece of land with intelligent
moves and strategies. With this power
must come some personal restraint. That,
you have not shown when you preach the
wrongdoings of your colleagues instead
of doing your 1/5 part in the commission.

Please start thinking a little harder before
you begin another session of finger
pointing. As a citizen, I don't want to
have a commissioner finish out his
tenure by bitching and moaning instead
of working until the job is done. And
don't worry, there are three other
commissioners I am not happy with

Thank you for hearing my $0.02,

Mark McAnaw writes about
political parties:
Hello Sandy
I believe our Government should be
for the People and " by the People ".
Right now a good portion of our
community are Military or Federally
paid Civil Service personnel. Think
of all of the Federal Installations in
our area, Kings Bays Navy Submarine
Base, Cumberland Island National
Seashore Okefenokeekee National Wildlife
Refuge, Federal Law Enforcement
Training Center, the Navy Bases in
Jacksonville ( whose employees are
living in Camden County because of
its quality of life ), and other places
that have Federal Government employees.
By law, we are not able to serve in elected
positions where you have to declare a
political party preference.

If we make having a political party
preference in local government races a
requirement, we make a portion of our
community unable to participate. We
risk losing a lot of experienced and
motivated people if we exclude them
from the process. Think about what
would happen if all of the Federally
Employed people of Camden County
stopped being active in our community.
What would happen to our schools where
there are partnerships between schools
and submarines, how would our roads
look when the adopt a highway went
away, think of all the Community
volunteer groups we participate in
(volunteer fire departments, civic clubs,
Habitat for Humanity, City Government).
I would like to see ALL local races, City
Council, Mayor, County Commissioners
and School Board, elected without a
political party declaration.

I hope the School Board and any other
local governments or offices will think
long and hard before changing the way
they elect their members.

Thank you

N. Writes about BRAC decision:
Well thanks (for nothing) Jimmy
Carter! I sure hope the terrorists
never bomb the Gold Star Highway
Bridge the subs wouldn't be able
to get out of the base!

R. Writes about AT- Will:
Commissioner Feller,

You are going to start hearing from me a
lot in regards to the Camden County
Board of Commissioners considering the
adoption of an At Will Employment
policy. This is very wrong!

Briefly, At Will Employment means that
a worker can be fired for a good reason, a
bad reason, any reason or no reason at all.
And then the onus is placed on the
discharged worker to prove in court that
an illegal reason such as discrimination
existed. Also, the discharged person will
have to prove in court that he was in a
permanent position to begin with as
opposed to a temporary position. Wow!
Legalized discrimination? Our county
emarentees aren't permanent employees?
I guess they won't be. How is a person
supposed to pay for legal representation in
these cases when they can't even make the
mortgage, the car payment or feed the kids?

So a person who has been a good worker
for the last 25 years, always gets to work
on time, the job is always done right, sick
days are kept to a very minimum, all of the
sudden has a family member get sick.
They have health insurance but their
family healthcare costs are hurting the
system. Let's just fire them for no reason
at all to make those healthcare costs go
away. And the worker has to prove that
they weren't going to be fired anyway. I
guess that we'd better make sure they we
don't get up in years while were working
for Camden County. They'll fire you for
having healthcare costs that are too high.
What about the folks who are not fully
vested in their retirement plans? If they
get fired, they'll only get a percentage of
the interest that their money earned.
Yep. They invested the money, but
they'll only get a percentage of the
interest. And the rest of that money
will go pay for someone else's retirement.

We've seen the hurt caused by At Will
Employment when the Sheriffs Office
fired a bunch of employees some months
ago. Do we know the reason? That's the
point, there doesn't have to be a reason.

Now these politicians are going to tell
us that these things will never happen.
Will you bet your future on a
politicians promise?
County employees, are you non-permanent
employees? Are you willing to work only as
long an appointed bureaucrat (the county
administrator) says it's O.K.? Make
yourselves smart about by At Will
Employment. Look it up on the internet
or at the library and see how it will affect
you. Get your family and friends to start
writing letters to the Commissioners, to
the Editor of the Tribune-Georgian and
to Commissioner Fellers weblog. Show
up every other Tuesday night to Woodbine
and tell the commission that it's wrong.

But if you do take an active part, have
your escape plan ready because they will
fire you for no reason at all. It's only
your job that you're fighting for. And even
if you don't take an active part and they do
adopt this policy, I'd recommend that you
do move to a job with more security before
it's too late.

We need to stop this At Will Employment
initiative now! We need to keep our
dedicated county workforce in place.

Title Searches for Residential,
Land and Commercial. Quick and
Accurate services.
For further information call
Denise R. Taylor 904-556-3892

1840 Osborne Road
St. Marys, Georgia 31558


Sandy Sez: Come hungry you will
enjoy. I eat there and it is fabulous.
If you need something fixed around the
house or at your business give First
Choice Heating and Air
Conditioning a call. Jeff Horner is
the owner operator and a great guy. Give
him a call his prices are great.

Office: 912-882-7988
Mobile: 912-227-0464

Sandy Sez: With reference to
C. letter. I thank him/her for
taking the time to express his/her opinion.
However, in this case what he/she
suggests is unfortunately
impossible. I serve at the pleasure
of the people. When my fellow
Commissioners choose to put
forward an agenda not in the
publics best interests, I regrettably
must speak out. With me the people
come first. At any rate again thank you
very much for your input.

Sandy Feller

County Commissioner

District 4

"Working for the future without forgetting the past"

Friday, August 26, 2005


In a FREE SOCIETY the citizens
give certain powers to elected

It is hoped that they will use the power
for the good of ALL. Below you will
find a letter from "Georgia Department
of Natural Resources" to W&D
Investments, Inc. This letter came into
our possession because of our attendance
at Camden County Planning Board
Meetings. This implication is that the
Board of Commissioners has voted on the
matter. In fact, it has never been

Past blogs have referenced this issue
before see: Water for Sale 4-22-05

The following is exact replica of Letter:
Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Environmental Protection Division.
Watershed Protection Branch
4220 intentional Parkway.
Suite 101. Atlanta. Georgia 30354

Reply to: engineering & Technical
Support Program
Phone:404/675-6233; Fax 404/675-6246

June 16, 2005

Mr. Woodrow Sapp
W&D Investments, Inc.
D/B/ A SC Utilities
4774 New Jesup Highway
Brunswick, Georgia 31520

RE: Urban Reclamation Facility
Dover Bluff Road
Camden County

Dear Mr. Sapp:

We have reviewed your letter of
June 1, 2005 in which you discuss
your plans to expand the St. Andrews
Sound Urban Water reclamation facility
which is currently permitted to treat up
to 0.400 million gallons per day (mgd).
In particular, you state that several
developments planned for the Dover Bluff
Road area have requested that you provide
sewerage service and that the Camden
County Commission supports
your plan to develop a "regional" reuse
wastewater system to serve the East Dover
Bluff area.

In response to your request for the
Environmental Protection Division's view of
your plans, we believe that development of a
regional system, especially one that will
provide reuse water to alleviate the need for
withdrawing irrigation water from the
aquifer, would be a positive step in
managing the county's resources as it faces
the pressures of ongoing growth.

We look forward to working with you. If
you have any questions, please contact
me at 404-675-1753.

Robert A. Scott, P.E.
Program Manager
Engineering & Technical Support Program

Darrel Crosby, Coastal District EPD
Jeff Larson, PCEP
Charles Ackridge, Camden County Administrator
David Word, Assistant Director EPD

Given the ignoring of ordinances etc.
one wonders what's going on.
Clearly the
JDA's sudden interest in WATER is
suspect see blog Camden County Water
Friday, June 10th edition

What does all of this mean?

Unregulated private companies
who are free to charge
residents anything they want?

What do you think? Email us at

Sandy Sez:

The time for openness and clarity
is NOW!!!!!! Let us reason
together slowly with compassion
for the other fellows point of

Sandy Feller
County Commissioner
District 4

"Working for the future without forgetting the past"

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Would you support an unregulated
independent water and waste water
treatment service company? That's
right, totally free to charge any price
they want for water and sewer services.
What do you think? More details
in our Friday August 26 edition.

Question: Do you think Political
Party's are important?

Do you think local branches of the
two parties serve any purpose between

Do you think political parties should be
active in local issues?

Send your thoughts to

We will publish your thoughts (with or
without your name, if you so indicate).
R. Writes about Gratitude:

I am so grateful for the blog. You guys
are truly the eyes and ears of Camden
County. I would like to thank you for
sharing the cold hard truths about
Camden County. You print what the
others will not and I appreciate that.
Keep up the good work. Do not be
intimidated by the system.
You guys
are beginning to crack the armour of
Berry-Rainer-Herrin-Rhodes. Keep
doing what you are doing. GOOD JOB!

W. Writes about Commission meeting:

Attacking you at a meeting in front of the
public as the other commissioners did,
will surely back fire on them. It is nazi
like to have at-will firing. The truth hurts.
While I don't agree with some of the things
you want to do, I do think you do a good
job of informing the public in all districts
as to what's going on. I for one appreciate
that. If I lived in your district I would
surely vote for you.

The other commissioners would like for
you to keep quite about things and they
could out vote you, then things would be
done and over, before the public knew
anything about what was going on.
Thanks for keeping us informed.
Keep up the good work.

S. Writes about Eyes and Ears:

Sandy, what do you think the chance
of a Recall for commissioners Herrin
and Rainer and even Berry.? I can't
believe the way he is acting. He's no
better than the other two.

I am starting to think that just maybe
the citizens are going to wake up.

Did you know that John Braswell's
sister was hired at the 911 center with
Gail, his wife and Wesley Walkers sister
was hired at Planning and building?

Penny is right in the middle of this.

We are headed for the same mess in our
government that we had before when
Herrin was commissioner, and the
budget was in the RED.

T. Writes about concerns:

Wow.....loved your Blog Mr. Feller....
I want to thank you AGAIN for your
concern and your effort to help in this I expected prior to writing
my letter to you my thoughts came
true....YOU were the ONLY
commissioner to take time out of there
so very busy day to call me and you are
certainly the ONLY one to make an
effort to help me by presenting the
problem to those concerned....if I can
ever be of any help to you please let me

M. Writes about Injustices:

Dear Sandy, As I read all that is
going on I have to laugh for many
reasons that will go unexplained.
What I would like to comment on is
all of the stuff about Judge Moroz.
Call it what you want. The attorneys
simply bypass him. AND I think he is
looking for a different job and it is
in Woodbine.
Need something fixed around the
house or your shop call First Choice
Heating and Air Conditioning. Jeff
can be reached by call 912-882-7988
or 912-227-0464.

I use them they are great. And most
importantly the price is right.
Sandy Sez:

Your response to the At-Will
issue was awesome! We
received over 1,000 hits.
It should show those in power
it is time to change their ways.

Sandy Feller
County Commissioner
District 4

"Working for the future without forgetting the past"

Friday, August 19, 2005


Can you build when you want too?

It is my understanding that most
contracts for the purchase of lots
call for delays in start of construction
for 1 or 2 years. The theory behind
this is that the infrastructure in a
development must be completed
before construction of houses can
begin. The question is what if the
infrastructure i.e, roads, water,
sewer are not built? EXAMPLE:
If the project calls for development
with water and wastewater
treatment facilities to be built by
or for the developer (as opposed
to individual private wells and septic
tanks) and they are not completed.

What happens then?

The county planning department is
woefully understaffed. The County
does not enforce its own laws. Who
will be responsible to the buyers at
that point? Since the County issued
the permits to the developer, will the
County be dragged into court and will
the existing taxpayers be required
(By new and higher taxes) to make good?

Just a warning to you new buyers!
Check it out make sure you
are protected.
You don't want litigation and neither
do the taxpayers of Camden County.

We welcome all the newcomers. We hope
you will be happy here. But, like they say
"let the buyer beware." Thank you
for all of your Groton inquiries.
Denise R. Taylor writes about injustice:
For the original story please refer to
At-Will, Letter to the Editor at

Just wanted to give you and update on
the injustices in Camden County. My
case was finally sent to the Georgia
Bureau of Investigation. From the
research I previously conducted I
thought this was the way to truth and
justice, once and for all. Again I
underestimated the good ole boy
network of Camden County. Yes, my
case was sent to the GBI, but with
instructions Investigate the threat
only. When I questioned Special Agent
Dial about this I was told, "The Camden
County Sheriff Office requested that I
investigate the threat only." I then asked
Special Agent Dial how can you investigate
the threat without investigating the cause
of the threat? He responded by saying
"That is out of my jurisdiction, I can only
investigate what the CCSO requested."

How stupid is that! Again everyone knows
of the wrongdoing, stealing,
mismanagement of funds, conspiracy,
terrorist threats, malfeasance, breach of
oath of office, breach of fiduciary duties,
etc. But everyone turns a deaf ear,
including the District Attorney. I just
never thought this would include
Sheriff Bill Smith. If we don't have
truthful law enforcement, except in cases
that involve common people, what are we
basing the justice of this County on?

And to this day I have not received and
answer to the question? I have been
threatened about asking the question,
but no one has offered and answer to
me, or the taxpayers of this County.
What did the JDA spend 15 million
dollars on? They acquired a bond for
35 million for Express Scripts; to date
they say they have utilized 15 million of
that money. What was it spent on? It's
a very simple question, but one worth
threatening my life over?

J. writes about Steve Berry:
If Berry wants to see what his prospects
of winning against Hill are all he has to
do is go to his mirror, take a look and
he will see a loser. He is only in office
now because he is in a small district and
no one has mounted a serious campaign
against him. This will be a good chance
for him to see what folks really think about
him and we can rid of him in public office.
That looks like a real winner to me.
Perhaps one of those meetings he has at
Cracker Barrel he can call in Keith Dixion
and he can get a heads up on getting rid of
an undesirable, self promoting, egotistical
fellow. One can only hope it is true.

Robert G. Becker writes about At-Will:
Commissioner E.B. Herrin has come
up with "At-Will Employment" which
means if you complain or you speak out
of turn or someone doesn't like you, you
can be fired. If you were to say something
to the paper or tell a friend and a
Commissioner heard it, even as, "hear say",
you could be fired. Why would anyone
work for the county is the question? This
is nothing but servitude to the people who
are in power. And if new people replace
the people who are in power now they
could fire you because you are friends
with someone who has left. This is sheer
stupidity, it opens a bucket of worms to
anyone who works for the county. There
are practices in place to handle this, and
if need be, it can be tightened. This is
nothing but a way to control people.

Ms. Tactless sends a quote:

I thought this an appropriate quote for
your blog. "Let no man turn aside, ever so
slightly, from the brhonorth of honour,
on the plausible pretence that he is justified
by the goodness of his end. All good ends can
be worked out by good means."-- Charles
Dickens (1812-1870) English Novelist

C. writes about Union Carbide:
Am I wrong or is the 4000 acre UC tract
in the northern part of the county tax
assessed at approx $250/acre. Is this
normal for large tracts in the county?
I was just curious since this is one of
the few large tracts in GA with
significant water frontage.
Current market value, say $20,000,000.

S. writes about Parade Manual:
I have obtained a "draft" of a document

titled "Parade/Festival Manual." Drafts

have a very bad sound because that usually

means there is soon to follow the real thing.

Parades in St. Marys have become a very

good promotional draw for our wonderful

area and illustrate all that is fun about a

small town. However, having a parade

manual certainly takes away from it all.

The last thing I want is to be bound by a

manual on being in a small town parade.

We have it great here and that is only if

we can keep government out of our affairs.

This not New York. It is more like a very

pleasant "Hooterville By The Sea." We

know how to behave and we don't need

city hall to teach us. Reason I sent this is

because I think the City has really gone

over board on messing up a good thing.

Part of the Manual requires that you have

to have an application to be in the parade

30 days before the parade, then you have

to meet with the Parade/Festival Committee

15 days prior to event. You also have to have

a waiver due no later than 72 hours before

the event. Photos and all sorts of other stuff.

I have participated in the parades for a

number of years on a voluntary basis. I don't

care to have to do all that crap and I don't

know any other group that would. We have

all sorts of folks in our parades for years and

I don't recall there ever being a problem. We

have all sorts of churches business, clubs,

pre-schools and local organizations

participating. It is just a hassle that is foolish.

It was always a fun event and not a hassle

with local government and requirements

to meet and read ever changing manuals.

It is just counter productive when we talk

about tourism and such. It takes away from

our small town attraction of being just that.

They have had parades that attracted

crowds up to 30,000. Most towns would do

anything to encourage the participation.

Sandy Sez:

If we do not have a sound Planning/

Building Department we are in for alot

of trouble. Let us know your thoughts.

"Remember Flea Hill."

Sandy Feller

County Commissioner

District 4

Have a great Camden County Weekend.

"Working for the future without forgetting the past."

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


(Statement at 8/8/05 Council meeting):

The City Manager and I met with
Commissioners Rainer and Berry,
along with two employees of the Sheriff's
department on July 26th at the county
annex. (The sheriff was not present.)
Also present were Mayor Kenneth Smith,
his police chief, our police chief, the
county attorney and various other staff
members from each entity.

The meeting was rather adversarial.
Unfortunately we were unsuccessful in
convincing the commissioners that
there should not be a contract between
St Marys and the Sheriff regarding the
incarceration of St Marys' prisoners.
They basically stated that it was
irrelevant that the City of St Marys
has the smallest percentage of
prisoners in the county jail; and we
were emphatically informed that the
Sheriff is going to begin charging
St Marys whether we agree to it or
not. It was also irrelevant that the
City already provides approximately
40% of the revenues to the Sheriff's

Once it was established by both
commissioners that there would be
no discussion about whether or not
there would be a contract, we began
discussions about the proposed terms.
Several items were discussed. In short,
we objected very strongly against the
wording that the sheriff's office could
turn away our prisoners if the jail were
full. They agreed to delete this from the
contract language. They also agreed that
the $45 per day per prisoner charge
would not begin until the 11th day that
a prisoner is incarcerated, instead of
day one, which is what was proposed
in the last draft we received.

Other major concerns such as medical
expenses will be available for council's
review once the city receives the
amended draft, which will be coming
from the County Attorney any day now.
He will be forwarding it to the City
Attorney, who will forward it to us with
his comments. I anticipate that it will
be on the next agenda for discussion
since the county insists that this
arrangement begin as of September 1.

Finally, I feel compelled to make a
statement regarding the irresponsible
comments about our court made by
Commissioner Berry at the meeting
on July 26th, as well as by
Commissioner Herrin in his letters
to the editor recently:

The City of St Marys' municipal court
safeguards the constitutional rights of
its defendants, and does not deny the
right to counsel to any defendant
accused of a crime in our court. All
such rights are explained verbally and
in writing. The accused are required to
acknowledge this orally and in writing
before any plea is accepted by the
judge. Additionally, all sessions are
videotaped and are on file with the city.

It is my opinion that the City is fortunate
to have a judge that believes in justice
and is faithful to his oath of office for
the protection of our citizens, which is
what he was appointed to do.
Mayor Hase
Hiring practices in Camden
County, Georgia
Dear Commissioner Feller,
I hope this finds you doing ok and

having a wonderful day. Even
though I do not live in your district
I have found by reading your news
articles that we think quite a bit
alike. I find myself often times
agreeing with your decisions. I
therefore thought you would give
my letter the most fore thought
and hopefully I would have a
better chance of some investigation
into a serious concern of mine and
hopefully even an answer to my
concern. The subject of this letter
Mr. Feller is the possible inequitable
practices of your human resources
department when it comes to hiring.

I have a situation that occurred and
I wanted to run it by you and see if
I have a legitimate concern.
In June our county government

placed an ad in the local paper for
two positions in our county fire
department that they were looking
to fill. It was also posted with the
Ga. Dept. of Labor website. I
researched the ad on the Dept
of Labor web site and applied via
the website for the position. I
met and exceeded the pre-requisites
set forth in the job announcement
according to the Ga. Dept of Labor
representative that was indicated
by the county fire department
announcement. They therefore
contacted me via email and advised
me so and then informed me that I
was then able to obtain a job
application from the county
government and proceed with the
application process. I then filled
out the appropriate paperwork and
delivered such to the Ga. Dept of
Labor office. A few weeks went by
and being concerned I asked the
county fire chief what the status
was of the proceedings to hire. He
informed me that the human
resources department was
handling the proceedings. I assumed
he meant they were going to mail
out notifications of when and where
the interviews would be held for
the open positions. Another week
or so went by and I received word
via word of mouth that the interviews
had taken place that day and the
points were being tallied and the
decision would be forth coming of
who was selected for the open position.
I have yet to receive an answer from

anyone why ALL the qualified
applicants were NOT interviewed.

I was told only 4 people were
interviewed. It just so happens that
the fire chiefs best friend happened
to be one of the individuals
interviewed and of course the one
hired. The applicants that had as
much experience and qualifications
if not more than the applicant hired
were NOT even afforded the
opportunity of an interview. I find it
hard to believe that the decision by
the county human resource
department NOT to interview
ALL qualified applicants was a unfair
and unjust decision in accordance with
any hiring laws that there may be in

I would like to know if a county
entity can just pick and choose
whom to interview and whom not
to interview in order to stack the
deck if you will so that the fire
chiefs best friend ends up as the
most qualified candidate being
interviewed and hired for the
position. This just doesn't sound
like a practice that should be legal
with any EEOC laws. If the posted
job announcement that was issued
by the county human resource
office indicated certain qualifications
be met prior to applying and those
resume/application then I feel that
ALL qualified applicants should
have been afforded the opportunity
of an interview in order to keep
everything fair and equal for all
concerned. I do not feel that neither
the fire chief nor the human resources
department had the right to screen
out qualified applicants resumes and
determine that only certain applicants
were worthy of an interview.

The county claims to be an EEOC
employer but obviously their not if
they're screening applications and
weeding out the ones that they do
not want competing against there
chosen applicant that they wanted
to hire in the first place. On top of
all that the human resource
department has not even had the
courtesy to notify those of us that
did not receive an interview that
we were not worthy of an interview
and at least advise us that our
applications were received and that
we did not even have a chance at
the position. This is just one of
many examples of the way our
county does business in it's
continuous unfair and unjust

Here is my concern. Why wasn't
EVERY qualified applicant that
was screened by the Dept of Labor
afforded the opportunity of an
interview in order to # 1 hire the
best qualified applicant for the
position and #2 to ensure that
Camden County was an EQUAL
it was stated in the newspaper
ad, on the county website and
on the dept of labor website.

Where does it state that either
the fire chief or the human
resources department has the
authority to screen
applications/resumes for whom
they determine worthy of an
interview? Where does it state
that the human resources
department has the authority to
determine who is qualified for
an interview? I know that I am
not a human resources expert
nor do I have a degree in that
subject matter but I would
think that the labor laws would
state that if a applicant met the
prerequisites of the employers
ad that they should at least be
afforded the opportunity of an
interview just as some others
were afforded.

I was really hoping that after
more than 20 years of Camden
Fire Rescue working under a
dictatorship that the advent of
a new fire chief would breathe
of fresh air into the department.
However, I can see that even after
hiring a new fire chief that the
lineup has changed but the
ballgame remains the same.

My family has lived here for
more than 24 years and lots of
things have changed but then
again some things haven't and
never will change. I have been in
Fire/EMS all those 24 years here
in the county. Both as a volunteer
and as a paid professional. I also
served for 18 of those 24 years
with Camden Fire Rescue. I left in
1999 for another position and more
money. I was hoping to come back
to Camden Fire Rescue under the
same pretenses. A higher position
and more money hopefully bettering
my family and myself. But
unfortunately someone with the
county deemed that this process
would not be done fairly or in
accordance with equal opportunity
employment procedures I'm sure.
I would certainly appreciate as a

former county employee and most
certainly as a taxpayer for over
24 years that if you find anything in
your inquiries that you would be
kind enough to call me or write me
and let me know what the problem
was in the ability for the county to
be fair and equal. I'm not the only
one that this happened to sir there
are others that applied for this same
position that were treated the same
unfair way. I give the new Assistant
Chief nothing but best wishes
however I only wish that the rest of
us applicants that were if not more
qualified then at least as qualified
were able to fairly compete with ALL
qualified applicants.

Commissioner I would be more than
happy to talk with you or meet with
you anytime at your convenience
about this issue.

This has really left a sour taste in my
mouth about Camden County politics.

Thank you very much for your time
with this matter and your time you
spend as a commissioner.

Sandy Sez:
With regards to Mayor Hase comments
it is clear that the County is using its
power to punish the Judge thru the
City in an attempt to get him to toe
the mark. It's unfortunate that
personal feelings on the county's part
is punishing the taxpayers of the City.

With regard to the fireman, I would
hope the Human Resource Director
of the County would answer him in
a straight forward manner. He
deserves no less. We will be happy
to print such a response when

If you have any thoughts contact
us at

Sandy Feller
County Commissioner
District 4

"Working for the future without forgetting the past"

Friday, August 12, 2005


County money was used to pay
for the golf course. SPLOST is a
County sales tax NOT CITY.

If the Kingsland government had
financial problems then the property
should have been turned over to the
PSA. They could have put it to good
service for the whole county. Lets face
it, it was built to help local developers
sell land. There was no other reason.
If there was, PSA would have built it.
It was just another "good old boys deal."

Now, when they sell (sold) it, it will go to
another member of the "good old boys."
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to sell
property at a loss. Any fool can do it.
This is just another example of the few
misusing the money for selfish reasons.
There is a County meeting on August 16th.

Time for you to speak out in reference to
At-Will employment
. Don't miss the

Rumors still fly as to how high the
reassessments will be for downtown
St. Marys residents. Keep your
hyper-tension pills close by.

Sandy Sez:

We have had a big bump in readership
recently. The "At-Will" story clearly
found an audience. However, if you
don't speak up one way or the other
nothing has been accomplished.

Have a Great Camden County Weekend...

Sandy Feller
County Commissioner
District 4

"Working for the future without forgetting the past."

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


When impact fees are part of
a Master Plan everyone benefits.

Impact fees are monies charged
to developers when they apply
for approval of plans to build
houses, factories, stores, etc.

The fees are charged to everyone
at the same rate. Impact fees
pay for water, sewer, schools,
fire houses, roads, traffic lights
etc. If impact fees are not
charged then "The existing
taxpayers of Camden County
must pick up the infrastructure
costs for the "New Comers." In
other words you pay so someone
you don't even know can move

In addition when property values
go up because of the developments,
who pays? You got it, you do!
So you pay twice and if you can't
foot the bill you must move!!

Is this what you call "FAIR!" I
don't think so. Tell the other
Commissioners you want Impact
Fees Now! Now while they are in
the early stages of designing a new
master plan.
Commissioner Steve Berry wants
to replace State Representative
Cecily Hill.

Reliable sources tell us that Mr.
Berry is organizing now and
raising money. Keep tuned. If
Mr. Berry or Mrs. Hill want to
comment we will give them all the
space they want (within reason).

Charlie Smith are you listening?

Brian Fewox to challenge Mayor
Hase. This should be a lively race.
Both bring baggage to the market
place. We will comment later.
Mr. Fewox and Mrs. Hase are
welcome to comment if they
desire. We will print all their
comments (within reason).

To reach us:

Sandy Sez: Why should Camdenites
pay for new comers to come here
and enjoy what we have. Clearly,
they should pay, not us. What do
you think. Write us:


Thank you Camden we went over
5,000 hits this week. Together we
can make a Camden to be proud of.

Sandy Feller
County Commissioner
District 4

"Working for the future without forgetting the past."

Friday, August 05, 2005


At Tuesdays meeting (August 2, 05)
the Camden County Board of
Commissioners continued on the path
toward At-Will employment for their

For those who are not familiar with
the term it means you can be fired
at any moment without cause.

This sets up a scenario where; if
a superior doesn't like you - you're

If a County Commissioner doesn't like
you - you're fired!

If you don't contribute to a County
Commissioners campaign - you're fired!

If the County wants to cut expenses and
you have a lot of time in - you're fired!

If a superior likes you and you resist
advances (and there are no witnesses) -
you're fired!

Just last year when I started the process
of getting staff a well deserved raise,
the other Commissioners (one in
particular) sang the praises for the
staff. Now, the same Commissioner
is leading the charge for "At Will
Employment." This raises the
question. Folks, what have you done
in the last 12 months to get him p - o?

By their vote last night they are
advertising for a public hearing. I
voted for the public hearing to
hopefully kill the issue once and for

Given the circumstances that there
are 4 votes for "AT-Will" how many
employees are crazy enough to speak
out in public? So my friend I urge
you when the date of the hearing is
publicized to get your friends (not
family) to speak out on your behalf.

If you want to talk to me in strictest
confidence my phone number is
912-882-4151. It is not necessary
for you to identify yourself. Remember
God takes care of those who take care
of themselves. Organize now (in secret)
to defend yourselves.
Denise R. Taylor writes about injustices:
I would like to share with the taxpayers of
Camden County what happens when you
ask questions about taxpayers money.

On July 19th I attended the County
Commissioners meeting in Woodbine,
Georgia. I went before the commission to
ask if any of them had any intentions of
telling the taxpayers how the JDA spent
15 million of the 35 million dollar bond
acquired for Express Scripts.
I did not
get and answer from the Commissioners.

I returned to my seat and the Mayor
came over to me and stated "If you keep
coming up here somebody is going to
shoot you."
After sharing this with my
husband he called the Sheriff Dept to
file a complaint. On July 22nd I went
to the substation to give my official
complaint. The officer in charge was
Mr. N. Fry (son of Harvey Fry,
Magistrate Judge). Also in attendance
was Walter Langshaw, Investigator
and his new investigative partner.
I started the statement by saying
what I stated in the beginning of
this letter. When asked why I felt
the Terrorist Threats were occurring.

I stated: I believe what lead to all of
this is the fact that I submitted
information to the District Attorney
implicating the entire Board of
Commissioners for DEFRAUDING
the taxpayers. The DA misrepresented
the facts to the Grand Jury to allow the
Commissioners to go FREE. He stated
to the Grand Jury that the amount of
land in question was 58 acres when in
fact it was over 100 acres. This was to
validate and cover up that a County
Commissioner acted in dual rolls as a
representative for First National Bank
and as a County Commissioner. They
utilized taxpayers money to pay all of
the taxes on property that the County
does not own. They lead the public to
believe at first that the County would
receive a clear title, after I exposed
everything they changed everything
including the wording. It then stated
Limited Warranty Deed instead of
Warranty Deed. Which is 360 degrees
from what was originally told to the
public. They changed the wording
because they could not produce

I left town immediately after filing the
above report. I returned home on
Saturday evening. When my family
and I woke up Monday morning
someone had stabbed the tire on
our SUV with a knife.I filed another
police report with the City
of St. Marys.

I went to Woodbine to share
this information and to retrieve a copy of
the FIRST police report. The following is
a exact copy of what I received.
GA0200000Report Date 1 Time: 07/22/2005
09:42:37 IncidenCase Number: 2005-0700198
Case Description: THREATS Primary Officer
Name/lD: FRY, NATHAN/CA128 Approved
By:Date Time Printed: 07/22/2005 16:19:15
Narrative: Page 2 Complaint Type: HARASS -
HARASSMENT Caller Name:Officer ID: 1136,
Officer Name: N FRY 07/22/2005 9:42:37 AM
GIVEN CASE # 2005-0700198. THE CASE

I spoke with Officer Wesley Walker about
the inaccuracies in the police report. He
agreed to have the basic information
corrected such as the date the incident
occurred. For everything else he offered
a justification. Within our conversation
he stated that "he was not sure that the
investigation would be turned over to
the GBI."
I informed him that I did not
believe that the CCSO was capable of
doing a thorough investigation and
besides how can you investigate the
body that gives you your budget.

About two hours later I received a call
from yet another LT. stating that he had
spoken to the Mayor and he stated that he
did not make the statement to me. I
immediately responded by saying
"I am sure that you all told him to say
that he did not say it, but I find it quite
odd that the Probate Judge told me
before I entered the CCSO that
"He has no doubt about the mayor
saying what I said,he said but he did not
mean it in the way I took it." And if I
would stop stirring the pot all this would
go away." I then stated that I did not
share with the Probate Judge exactly
what the Mayor had said before he
made the statement, so how did he
know? Did the CCSO share the
information, or did the Mayor.
the officer was at a lost for words.
I stated I understand that your office
is not ran on honesty so lets just have
the Mayor and I to take a lie detector
The Officer stated I don't know
that he would agree to that. I then
stated well since you know that in
advance that's an admission of guilt.
The officer then proceeded to tell me
that he was not sure that the
investigation would be turned over
to the GBI because the Mayor denies
that he made the statement.

The TRUTH IS they have no intentions
of turning the matter over to the GBI
because they would all be indicted
upon completion of a thorough
investigation. If I were to share with
you all of the things that have happen
to me and my family since I exercised
my right to run for office, you would be
In 2005, the travesty continues!

Sandy Sez: In recent days I have
witnessed a disturbing trend in
Camden County.

A City Judge has been pounced
on for "not playing the game"
with local Attorneys. When he
convicted "A well connected
person," he was vilified.
Additionally, his personal
property has been damaged by
vandals and his family has been

A frequent contributor to this
blog who is an out spoken critic
of things that are done badly
(an understatement) has been
threatened and like the judge
her personal property has
been vandalized.

Now, with the move toward
At-Will Employment, the
establishment is letting
everyone know "Toe the line
or you will pay!!"

The occurrences are very
reminiscent of Germany in
the 30's and 40's.

This must stop and it must
stop now!

Sandy Feller
County Commissioner
District 4

"Working for the future without forgetting the past"

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

St. Marys Buys Durango?

St. Marys should consider buying
former Durango Paper Mill Property.
It's not too late! Two years ago I
suggested that the County buy the
property. The thought was to build
a hotel, convention center, exhibition
hall, golf course and marina. In
addition, if Atlanta ever re-energized
the idea of a desalivization plant
(a multi-million dollar project)
there would be more than enough
room (10 acres) to fold it into an
obscure corner of the property.

The County Commission sent it too
the JDA. Till now, the JDA has
not reported back.

Professional economic developers
will tell you that Tourism is the
greatest source of revenue, bar none.
The acquisition would generate good
paying jobs during the clean-up.
The construction of the various
buildings would provide good paying
jobs during the build out. The
facilities would pay good wages
for staff. The visitors would pay
SPLOST Taxes up to the sky. In
addition, the visitors would patronize
local stores and restaurants generating
still more jobs.

I call on the City to think about this.
There is still time! What do you think.
Contact us at
S. Writes about E.B Herrins letter to editor:
I just read the Tribune-Georgians letter
to the Editor from an elected official.
What mean spirit!

Answer: Mr. Becker is a former Chairman
of the Commission. The only one who ever
refunded 2 million dollars in excess splost
funds to the public. In addition, Mr. Becker
is the one who as Chairman revamped the
handling of SPLOST money. The cities
now get money when a project is completed.
If you recall, some years ago the cities were
sitting on the money and projects weren't
being completed. Now that campaign 2006
has been joined look for back and forth claims
by the two gentlemen.

D. Writes about Union Carbide:
Am I wrong or is the 4000 acre UC tract in
the northern part of the county tax assessed
at approx $250/acre. Is this normal for large
tracts in the county? You don't need to respond.
I was just curious since this is one of the few
large tracts in GA with significant water frontage.
Current market value, say $20,000,000.

Answer: We will check into this. Do you have
the map/parcel numbers regarding this property?
If you have name and address this information
would also be helpful.

Ruben Gomez writes about Building & Planning:
I've heard that a new Director of Building &
Planning has been appointed: Mr. Bob Noble,
is that true?

Answer: The JDA has been appointed to
administer planning/building for 6 months.

Sandy Sez: Congratulations to County
Leaders. By advertising for a new
County Manager and hopefully a new
Planning Director they are finally
recognizing the obvious. We need
help. All this growth must be
administered properly.

Sandy Feller
County Commissioner
District 4

"Working for the future without forgetting the past"