Friday, September 23, 2005



In a memorandum dated September 13,
2005 the staff was notified of the plans
to bring it to a vote at the October 4th
meeting of the County Commission.
The memorandum was approved by a
telephone vote of Chairman Rainer,
E.B. Herrin and Steve Berry. To his
credit Preston Rhodes voted NO.

I was not notified!

The substance of the memorandum
is covered on page 2. Section 1.
Introduction, Paragraph C. titled
"At-Will Employment"

It states: "Nothing in these
personnel policies and procedures
is intended to create a contract of
employment. Employment with
Camden County, Georgia and the
Camden County Commission is
at will and may be terminated at
anytime, for any reason, or for
no reason at all." Repeat for no
reason at all.

There it is in a nut shell. Additionally,
in the text of the memorandum dated
September 13, 2005 it states, "ALL
employees who have questions or
concerns about the changes should plan
to attend (Oct 4th meeting) where they
will be given an opportunity to be heard
concerning the policy change. Given the
circumstances who (an employee) will
dare to speak up at the meeting?

The message is clear this is not a place
of employment where you can exchange
years of dedicated service for a salary,
benefits and retirement. It is a place to
hang your hat while you are looking for
real employment opportunities

It says shut up, hang your head low and
say yes boss, no boss. There is no room
for initiative. It means if you are
ambitious, conscientious, go elsewhere.
You are not wanted!!!!!!!

Mr. Rhodes very wisely did not vote for
this. He is the only working man on the
Commission. He works for wages and
understands the working man. The
others are tyrants of one flavor or another.

It is quite understandable why the others
did it in the dark. It cannot stand the
light of day. They should be ashamed of

As an aside I hear rumblings that the
staff will try to organize a union. I trust
if they do that the professional organizers
will advise them of their rights under
Federal Law which supercedes anything
the "dark 3 can do."

Good luck my friends, please feel
free to contact me with your
thoughts or concerns

Jim Withrow writes about airport:
I like Ed Marx are old timers here and
never seen any need in a airport here.
Years ago in early sixties it was not used
we wanted a drag strip and city was
against it, also Thunderbolt out of
Jacksonville wanted to rent it, still no.
I am totally against wasting money on
a new one. It sat there with no use till
Gilman's pilot refuse to land on it, then
all of a sudden a runway got paved with
no problems.

Now if you would like to check to see
if its possible that Sea Island may
want to give land for what they could
gain. If they are still working on the large
hunting preserve off Harriets Bluff road
and the cost a day was going to cost to
hunt yes I would want a air strip for my
personal use at tax payer cost. I wonder
if there plans are still going and if so if
this is possible just a thought.

Keep up the good work you are doing for
us. I am behind you just never spoke up.
It's about time the idiots running things
are going nuts. We need to start the mill
back up to create jobs for all. Not build
condos and etc. to help a few fatten there

That ground is so polluted how can EPA
give rights. After 43 years of working
there and what they said no way man to
build homes on it. I did go to EPA web
page there use to be a hazard barrel on
mill site as a waste hazard guess what it
has been removed?? Why because mill is
down, its still there.

I understand by rumor we have a drainage
problem due to mill down from city
engineers, that's kept quite?? Also a while
back our mayor said to save water , when it
ought to be running out her ears. With mill
down theirs about 30 to 40 million of gallons
a day not in use ??? OMG

Larry Johnson candidate for St.Marys
City Council:
I am asking for the opportunity to serve
all St.Marys on the City Council. For
some time, I have been concerned with
the direction our city is growing. With
all the great achievements we have made,
there are areas that need immediate
attention. The water and sewer lines must
be repaired. The expanding drug problem
must be corrected. And our seniors and
handicapped must be given better
accommodations. I hope everyone votes
on November 8, 2005.

H. writes reference to airport:
I've written previously (to the local news
editor) opposing relocating the airport.
If the federal government demands the
existing airport be closed (for whatever
reason), so be it. Close it. We do not need
another airport. If Sea Island Company
wants a private airport to serve its property,
let them pay for it. They currently provide
transportation for their guests from the
Brunswick, Savannah and Jacksonville
airports at any time, day or night. The
private businesses operating at the airport
can relocate, retool, or retrain for another
career. Many others have had that experience
in Camden of late. Unfortunately, the
Camden County commission does not
listen to its constituency. They seem to
know better than anyone. Or so they think.

Thanks again, Sandy, for asking what the
taxpayers think.

Marion Wall candidate for Kingsland
City Council:
Hi, Yesterday I qualified for Post 1
Councilman in Kingsland. I am sending
this to many friends. Some are in
Kingsland and some are out. I will be
running against Don Mounsey. What I
would like to know from you is; What
issues do you have about your city, county,
or just some political issue. I want to know
the issues of the people. I would like to
think about them for a while. Please help.

Sandy Feller
County Commissioner
District 4

Sandy Sez:
Come to October 4th meeting and
speak for the employees that cannot
speak for themselves. They can be
fired for "no reason at all." Repeat
for no reason at all.

"Working for the future without forgetting the past"