Wednesday, October 26, 2005


On October 4, 2005 I had placed on the
agenda an item regarding evacuation
plans. What follows is my introductory
statement and the response from the
head of our emergency management

My statement to the Commission:
Hurricane Katrina made me aware that
we have a problem that should be
addressed now. The problem is the safe
evacuation of the ill, infirmed, bed
ridden and economically disadvantaged
citizens of Camden County as well as the
service providers who have their own
families to be concerned with in a time
of crisis. To this end I asked Mr. Crews
to think about the problem and put
together some ideas and share them with
us this evening.

The only trouble was that my
fellow commissioners refused to allow
Mr. Crews to speak. So I obtained the
report from Mr. Crews so that he could
speak to you directly.

Camden County Emergency
Management Agency Plan for
Evacuation of Special Needs
Because of their fragile medical conditions,
Special Needs Citizens will be the first to
leave and the last to return.
A roster of special needs citizens as
defined by the state will be maintained
on a year-round basis. The list will be
updated weekly during hurricane season.
We need to define how we determine a
SNP, and what info needs to be included
in the registry.
Responsible party: Camden County Health Dept.

The roster will be provided to Camden
County EMA on June 1 and updated
weekly during hurricane season. Some
patients may be out of town, in the
hospital, or have made other
arrangements. The updates will be
provided to the Camden County Sheriff s
Search and Rescue Team on a monthly
basis or more frequently as needed.
Responsible party: Camden County Health
Department, Camden EMA

The locations of the special needs citizens'
homes will be mapped and a pick-up
route established. We should also
include destination map.
Responsible party: Camden County Planning
and Building, Camden County SO Search
and Rescue

When a storm is 5 days out, the citizens
on the special needs roster will be
notified that the evacuation is imminent
and told to prepare all items needed to
take to the special needs shelter. Do we
limit their carry-on items? At this point,
no additional names will be added to
the roster. ?
Responsible party: Camden County Health
When the storm is 5 days out, the following
entities will be notified that the special
needs citizens may need to be evacuated;

  • Camden County Board of Education for
buses for ambulatory patients

  • Camden County Fire Rescue for moving
stretcher bound patients

  • Glynn County EMA for reception of our
special needs citizens

  • Camden County SO Search and Rescue
team for assistance in moving the special
needs citizens
Responsible party: Camden County EMA

When the storm is 72 hours out, the
citizens on the special needs roster will
be notified that they will be evacuated
and will be given a pick-up time.
Responsible party: Camden County Health

When the storm is 72 hours out the
following entities will be notified that
special needs citizens will be evacuated
and given an approximate departure

  • Camden County Board of Education
for buses for ambulatory patients

  • Camden County Fire Rescue for moving
stricter bound patients

  • Glynn County EMA for reception of our
special needs citizens

  • Camden County SO Search and Rescue
team for assistance in moving the special
needs citizens
Responsible party: Camden County EMA

All special need citizens will be picked up
and taken to the Glynn County Multi-
Purpose Center where they will then be
transferred to Glynn County buses and
ambulances. One EMT or Paramedic will
be assigned to the buses to accompany
the patients to Glynn County. A manifest
of the patients and staff traveling on the
buses will be provided to the Board of
Education. Volunteers will mark the
patient's belongings with masking tape.
Responsible party: Camden County Board of

  • Camden County SO Search and


  • Camden County Fire Rescue
(Bed bound patients will be taken to
Ware County High School in Waycross.
The Georgia Nurse Alert System will
provide nursing care.)

(Ambulatory patients will be taken to
the Ware County High School in

All patients will be given a 5x8 pouch
envelope with a long neck cord attached.
Their names will visible on the outside
of the pouch. The patients will place
the pouch around their neck so that
their names are visible. The pouch will
contain medical history, a list of
allergies and current medications.
Other possibly information to have in
the pouch may include DNR orders,
emergency contact numbers for
Responsible party: Camden County Health

Coolers filled with ice, water and snacks
will be placed on the buses. Kits
containing sanitary wipes, exam
gloves, toilet paper, paper towels, and
garbage bags will be placed on the buses.
Responsible party: American Red Cross

The buses will have a Law Enforcement
escort to Glynn County Multi-Purpose
Responsible party: Camden County Sheriffs Office

Once the "All-Clear" has been given and
utilities fully restored, this process will be
reversed and all patients returned to
their respective homes
Responsible party: All above mentioned agencies.

Please read and address any comments
to I will forward them
to Mr. Crews for reply. Thank you.

It would appear that my fellow
Commissioners were so annoyed with
me that they allowed their feelings to
come before the public good.

Chairman Rainer alone must take
responsibility for this because he runs
the meeting. As for the rest, please
grow up! There are 50,000 people
that depend on us. Do the right thing
and put petty political differences out
of the way of good government.

Sandy Sez:
My friend Dave says some of his
friends are new comers to the County.
They can't understand why I have such
a problem getting along with my fellow

My answer is best explained as follows.

The Donini Family has been in
business for over 40 years in St. Marys.
Now a developer is trying to push them
out by what appears to be high handed
tactics. Ultimately the matter will be
settled in court. However, I represent
the Donini's of Camden County. My
fellow Commissioners represent the
Developers. When my fellow
Commissioners start thinking about all
of Camden all the bickering will



Remember if you want good dictatorial
government that promises consolidation
of Police and Fire Services with the County.
If you want walking out when the vote goes
the other way. Elect the Berry Line.

Paid for by I.M. NUTS

"Working for the future without forgetting the past"

The Mailbox 10-26-05

Here is a small selection from an
outpouring to our email
We will try to catch up as soon as we
can. With this posting our counter
reads over 10,000. Thank you
Camden County for participating.

Robert G. Becker writes about travesty
in County Government:

Once again personal issues by certain
commissioners has already rear it's
ugly head. "At will" is at fault, and it
will destroy this county. Within days
of four of the Commissioners passing
"At will" they fired the Secretary for
Planning. A very honest woman, who
told them what our County rules were.
She won't play ball with them, because
of the rules and regulations that had
been passed. It's back to square one.
Certain individuals get special favors,
to the detriment of the rest of the
County people. This is government
of the few by the few. People wake up,
we are getting ripped off by certain
Commissioners. The average person
in this County will no longer be able
to live here if the taxes keep increasing.
As to "At will" you can bet that an
honest person cannot work for this
County. By that I mean try to follow
the rules, they'll get fired, it is to
intimidate the employees so that if you
blow the whistle on these people, you get
fired. Fear and intimidation is now the
order of business for all employees of
the County. What do you think will
happen with these employees and what
do you think they will be forced to do,
if they want to keep working?

Commissioner Herrin is back at
telling people to do special jobs for
special people to the detriment of
other work they should be doing,
many of these things border on being
illegal by County law.

Commissioner Berry is pushing his
agenda as agent and lawyer for
First National Bank, for the County to
buy land from the bank, land we
do not need. Then says he cannot vote
on it because he is involved with the sale.
What does that tell you about why he
is there.

It appears that these people are
feathering their own nest at the
expense of the people of the County.
When are people going to wake up
to what is going on, I HOPE SOON!!

Marion Wall candidate for City Council
Kingsland writes:

Mr Feller, in response to your comment
about Kingsland; I believe that Kingsland
will be on the move when I am elected.
One of the things I want to do is, not
sell the golf course. Yes It has been
loosing about 1/2 Mil a year but I
believe that with proper management
we can take this property that the people
have purchase and make it a winner for
all of Camden County. I see the golf course
as an attraction to Kingsland. They have
nice facilities and could be an attraction
to many for weekend activities and
meals. The only reason it is not making
money is that it is mis-managed. If the
golf course is sold as presently planned;

1. The taxpayers loose money.
2.The golf course will be changed to housing.
3. The people that bought there
(Laurel Island) for the golf course will be
jipped. So lets not sell the course, Lets
look for a contractor that is willing to
work on an incentive basis and pay
Kingland their Investment through
the profits of proper management.

Bottom line on the golf course; why
should we loose money so someone
else can make some? I would like to
see reduced taxes, improved services
and an enhanced lifestyle in Kingsland.
This would be one way to help that
vision. I believe that I will be a better
steward of our tax dollar than my
opponent. I hope everyone will vote
to make Kingsland, Camden County's
city on the move.

Gull Weaver Candidate for St. Marys
City Council

My good friend (Mrs.) Gull Weaver is
running for St Marys City Council.
I would like everyone to consider
voting for her and/or telling your
friends about her. She is very
informed in the city government
and attends all the city council
meetings and many of the county
commissioner meetings and is a
tireless volunteer in the community.

Some of her involvements include:
Navy League, St Marys Submarine
Museum volunteer, Dolphin
Scholarship Auction volunteer,
just to name a few.

Gull's husband Royal is a retired Navy
Chief who currently works (as a civilian)
with the SSGN submarine USS Florida
that is coming to Kings Bay in May 2006.
They have two daughters that attend
schools in Camden County and play
soccer as well as other activities.
As a homeowner in St. Marys
(unlike her opponent) she is a taxpayer
in the city and county. (If you are
going to represent me - you should
be paying the taxes I pay).

I met Gull about ten years ago when
we both were volunteers for the
Dolphin Scholarship Auction at
Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base.
I learned very quickly that she was a
"go-getter" and someone who gives
100% of what she is committed to
doing. I know she will make a good
representative for our city because
of these traits and her integrity.
Personally, I think she is a bit crazy
for wanting to do this, but she is
determined to make a difference
for our city and therefore, I support
her decision and I hope you will too.

If you have any questions or concerns,
please feel free to contact Gull Weaver
at or phone at
673-7822. For more information,
visit her website at

Please tell your friends about Gull and
if you can help with her campaign -
let me know! If you are not registered
to vote yet, don't wait! In the city
elections - every vote counts!

Mr. Jail writes:

This mornings paper "Camden County
Commissioners is considering a
proposal to triple the capacity of the
county jail"--To pay for it you suggested
a 1% sales tax.--Wrong--We have to get
out of the mind set of Tax's, Tax's, Tax's
to solve problems.. A sales tax is still a
tax that will effect the lives of Camden
county Residences. The County must
be run as a business or your household,
you must stay within your means or
budget. If you cant figure a way to make
the new jail SELF SUPPORTING we
don't need it.

A sales tax granted will spread the
burden but the poor souls of this county
will still see thinner pocket books.
Camden voters will vote this down in
2007 I feel sure, we are tired of rising
tax's, enough is enough. I feel any
politician that favors this tax idea
will be hurt.
Sandy sez:
I was just thinking out loud. I don't
have a real position at this time.
P.S. County forming a committee
to study jail expansion. They
proposed 3 members from Sheriff
Office, 2 County Commissioners,
1 from each city and 1 private
citizen. Does the breakdown seem
fair or is it too weighted toward
Commission and not enough toward
the rest of the county?

N. writes about Brian Fewox:

Just wanted to ask, what do you
think of Fewox resigning his
position, causing us to pay for a
special election, then running
again? What's to say half way
through his term (IF he did win
the election) he wouldn't resign
again? I think he should be
paying for that special election!
What do you and others think
of this?
Sandy Sez:
Reminds me of the Soprano's TV
series line. First I'm in, then I'm
out, then I'm in. I guess he can't
make up his mind. Shall we help
him out?

S.H. writes about City of Dover Bluff:

I have to tell you that there are days
that I'm tempted to just sell out and
move on. Where would I look it up?
State's website, I suppose. More
potential for politicians and
corruption may not be the answer.
But we do desperately need a new
commissioner in our area. How can
land development begin before
rezoning is approved by the planning
commission, and before going to the
board of commissioners?
Neanderthals are running the place.

Mr. Outraged writes about taxes:

Damn, you have me fired up---I need a
new car but at this time I cannot afford
one. I must wait until my budget allows
me to buy one. We need a new Church
but we must wait until we have saved
up enough money, I could go on and on,
this is how responsible people think and
act. If you don't have the money you
don't buy it, simple, law of the land.

We are slowly pushing the retires and
people on fixed income out of Camden
County. Many are selling their homes
because they cannot afford the increased
tax's and insurance. We will soon be a
County of newcomers---. I dare you to
put me on the committee to check this out.

Sandy, people in responsible positions
such as you have to think more about the
poor souls that live from pay check to
pay check. This group of people are
being walked on. Its time we started
thinking of them and helping them out
---no more tax's.

This County doesn't need to grow , we
are big enough. As of now we are bigger
then Brunswick, what's the aim now
Jacksonville?? When we have the
problems fixed in the County then we
can think of growing. We are growing
so fast our pants don't fit, we need
more tax's to buy bigger pants.
Sandy Sez: I totally agree with
you. If only the other
Commissioners would
think about those of us who
have lived here a long time and
are being pushed out by high taxes.
We would be better off!
State Senator Chapman is the only
one sticking up for the littlemen.
Contact him at
ask him what you can do. Let me
know how you make out.

J. writes about conflict:

I guess Steve Berry feels as though he has
prevailed AGAIN!!! This guy is truly a
nemesis to Camden County. How can
he as a Attorney suggest that it's a
wonderful thing to have David Rainer
acting as both a County Manager and
Chairman of the County Commission.
What is Steve Berry getting for his
disloyalty to the taxpayers? I believe
if we get rid of Steve Berry, Camden
County has the opportunity to grow in
a very productive manner. The rest are
followers of his!!! Sandy, keep up the
good work the residents appreciate you.

Mr. Tact writes about Thug Void:

Regarding the latest dirty trick from the
gang-of-four, I'm sure you realize that
what is really going on is perfectly
self-evident to friends and foe alike.
Puts me in mind of my political
arrest as a "gunslinger." Hang in there.

By the way, for those of us who are
cable subscribers, what are the chances
of having the county commission meetings
broadcast on cable access channels? That
kind of sunshine might eventually
disenfect the place.
Sandy Sez:
You ask and you shall receive.
TV Camden is nowing airing the
County Commission meetings.

Bill writes about Steve Berry:

I'm proud to see that there is someone
who is not going to take this type of
underhanded stuff. Any one that can
fog a mirror believes Berry is behind this.
At the the very least he is a proven liar
about not contacting the media. He sure
gets away with a lot of stuff.

Mr. Tact writes about Rulon Company:

Regarding the Rulon Company moving

to St. Augustine, check this out:

They are moving their corporate

headquarters from BRUNSWICK, GA !!!

Even though they had to repeatedly drive

by several prime Camden locations off of

I-95 in order to look at the St. Johns County

location, our vaunted JDA / Planning and

Building Dept. made no effort to land this


I started to exclaim "UNBELIEVABLE,"

but then I realized how truly unbelievable

that would be to anyone familiar with our
JDA's dismal (but apparently quite

satisfactory to the Gang of Four) record

of misfeasance.

Mr. Bobby Bryant writes about Jail:

You are not the commissioner of my

district, but I have a question. If you

could answer it, that would be great,

but if you don't. I'll understand. I have

been reading the bickering back and

forth with the commissioners and

ST. Marys. My question is, Who paid

for the jail and who owns it now? If the

answer is the taxpayers, which the

commissioners are suppose to represent,

then aren't the people of ST. Marys,


If all that is true, then shouldn't ST.Marys

have the same use of the jail as the sheriffs

dept. or any other city in the county at no

extra cost.

Sandy Sez: You are correct.

The story [ click here ] at the Fox30 web
site recounts the apparently ongoing battle
between Camden Commissioner Stephen
Berry and fellow Commissioner Sanford
Feller. I say `apparently ongoing` because
nobody would make such unfounded and
laughable accusations as has Commissioner
Berry without already having an agenda to
Sandy Sez:
Thank you one and all for your
support during these trying days.
Your eyes and ears told you the truth.
I am deeply humble.

Sandy Feller
County Commissioner
District 4

"Working for the future without forgetting the past"

Friday, October 21, 2005


Dear Commissioner Feller,

If you check the public records in

the Planning and Building
Department you will find a lot of
unlawful activities. There have
been approvals given that did not
meet the minimum requirements
that were set for the protection
of life and safety of the residents
of the County. Appendix A, Article
One, Section 104 of the Official
Code of Camden County states:

“The purpose of the regulations

are to promote the public health,
safety and general welfare of the
county. The overall objective of
these regulations is to consider
land subdivision plans as part
of an overall plan for the orderly,
efficient and economical
development of the land within
the planning commission’s

The unfortunate truth to the
matter is that the Board of
Commissioners, or at least two
of them, believe that the
Planning and Building Department
work for them and their friends
only. They do not take into
consideration the effects their
decisions could have on the
neighbors or on the future

For example:

Middleton Plantation was allowed

to record their final plat without
installing fire hydrants. Oh, they
installed two dry hydrants on the
lake they proposed, but the
ordinance that the Board of
Commissioners approved on
January 18, 2005 required fire
hydrants to be placed every 500
feet and not more than 500 feet
from any structure. The developers,
Waterfront Group, argued through
their surveyor (Jackson Surveying)
that they did not need to install
those hydrants because they were
an extension to a subdivision they
had completed in 2004 (before the
ordinance was created). If in deed
they could prove, without a master
plan showing locations of future
developments, that they were
indeed an extension they would
have another issue to face.
A State review.

Well, the Planning Commission
was deceived by the interim
Planning Director (Mr. Bob Noble)
when he stated that all issues
raised by staff had been addressed
when in fact, they had not. No state
review had taken place. When
the project made it to the Board of
Commissioners and one of the
members had asked about the
review, he was also deceived
when he was told that it was
not required. Unfortunately
for the County, that
Commissioner (Sandy Feller) asked
the state if it was true. Since that
initial question, the Regional
Development Center, in charge
of the state review, sent a letter
to the Board of Commissioners
informing them of the violation.
Now, the County and its
residents face the potential loss
of thousands of dollars from
state and federal funding. Luckily,
this offense would only be a
temporary suspension of the
Qualified Local Government Status.

The interesting part is that the first
time the County was warned about
not completing State review was
from a project that the same
developers had done…do you see
a trend?

We won’t go into the details about
landowners not being able to build
houses because the developers have
not completed their infrastructure.

We also won’t discuss the
substandard water lines that have
been installed in Middleton

Do you want to know that Waterfront
Group is not the only developer that
gets special privileges from the Board
of Commissioners? Chip Drury
at Laurel Island also received
approvals without providing the
County with the required bond for
the infrastructure. Oh and there
are more where that came from…

The sad truth to all of this is that
the residents are the ones that suffer.

If they want to change the rules
than they should change the
ordinances so that everybody is
treated the same. There are a lot
of developers in Camden County,
most of them local, that follow
the rules and sometimes it costs
them thousands of dollars, but
you don’t see any of them taking
the Board members out to lunch…

Who do you think the Board of

Commissioners is really working
for? Well they have proven over
and over again that it certainly
isn’t the residents of Camden
County. Who said that money
couldn’t buy you anyone?

Just ask E.B. Herrin
or David Rainer!

Signed A Taxpayer


Commission meeting of October
18th, scheduled for airing on
Friday October 21st at 9:30 p.m.

St. Marys - Channel 62
Kingsland - Channel 52

On Saturday October 22nd at 5:00 p.m.
St. Marys - Channel 62

On Sunday October 23rd at 5:00 p.m.
St. Marys - Channel 62

Sandy Sez:

I would just like to point out the
inconsistencies in Commissioner
Steve Berry statements.

1. He told the Georgia Times Union
that he did not contact CBS 47 News.
But Celine McArthur of CBS 47 News
stated that Commissioner Berry
contacted her.

2. Commissioner Berry told Celine
McArthur of CBS47 that a high school
student contacted him.
He stated at the County Commission
meeting that a Parent contacted him.

3. Commissioner Berry said on
CBS 47 "I did not tell anyone, I was
going to wait until the Commission
But Doug Vaught called me the day
before CBS 47 showed up and alerted
me of their coming.

4. Commissioner Berry stated at
the County Commission meeting
that he told the County Secretary
to share with me what the censure
was about. Which he didn't. He
then stated that the County
Secretary told me. Which she
didn't. He then stated that he did
not tell anyone. Which he did!

I would go on but why bother!

I am going to leave this entire
mess in the hands of the

Sandy Feller
County Commissioner
District 4

Have a great Camden County Weekend

"Working for the future without forgetting the past"

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


In a fit of frustration over the
disclosures of this blog. I
suspect that Commissioner Berry
caused the blog to be infected by
PORN. The porn has been cleaned
out and turned over to the FBI for

What follows are my remarks at the
County Commission meeting of
October 18, 2005. To view this
meeting check with "TV CAMDEN"
for scheduled airing.

On Sunday October 16th I received a
phone call from Dough Vaught a citizen
of St. Marys. He called to complain
about a piece on the blog that he
thought was negative towards his
candidacy for City Council. I invited
him to send a letter to
and I would print it as received.

He then said "do you know anything
about a TV story on Fox News and CBS
regarding the County and you".

I replied that if there was a story about
me the normal practice would be for me
to be interviewed first. Further, I
advised him that I had not been

As an aside, my wife heard the entire
conversation (my side).

Around lunch time on Monday a
reporter and a camera man showed
up at my office. She proceded to tell
me that I have a porno site on my blog.
I said I didn't know what she was
talking about. We went on my
computer and she showed me how to
find the porno site. I indicated that
this was my profile and that I hadn't
visited it since I set up the blog in

She further indicated that this had
been brought to her attention by
Commissioner Berry. She indicated
further that Commissioner Berry
claims the matter had been brought
to him by a high school student which
Mr. Berry refused to/or could not

After the reporter left Mr. Bob Becker
(former County Commissioner) who
was present during the interview said
that he would discuss the matter with
his son. His son was formerly with
Security at IBM.

I then contacted a local computer
service bureau and tasked them with
finding out when, where and who
hacked into my computer. I then filed
a complaint with the FBI asking them
to look into the matter.

Finally I contacted my Web Master to
ask him how to clean up the site. He
checked and then gave me the necessary
instructions and the contents were
cleaned out around 6:00 p.m. that same

It is clear to everyone what this is all
about. My blog is bringing valuable
information to the general public.
This is something that Commissioner
Berry doesn't want to happen.

He likes the warmth and comfort of
darkness to accomplish his agenda.
My blog shines too much light.
Clearly someone close to Commissioner
Berry hacked into my blog and put this
filth in. Time will tell when and who.
The proof is that he waited 10 days to
air the subject. 10 days that he didn't
tell me. 10 days he didn't file a complaint
with the authorities. 10 days he was
happy to leave this filth within access to
children. 10 days that parents were not
made aware.

In other words politics were more
important then the welfare of the
community. I on the other hand I moved
with all dispatch when advised of the
situation. Commissioner Berry you
should be ashamed.
Denise R. Taylor writes about
Commissioner Steve Berry:

The armor has cracked and they
are feeling very vulnerable. The
results of that vulnerability has
shown up in Commissioner Steve
Berry latest display. He's desperate
and desperate people, do desperate

I ask the public to read the following
and decide if it is time to speak up
and speak out. I have my opinion,
I would love to know yours.

Commissioner Berry placed a 3rd
censure against Commissioner Feller
on the agenda prior to October 11th.
No one advised Commissioner Feller
of what the censure was for. The most
that he was given by the Secretary
"was inapproiate conduct".

On October 16th City Councilmen Doug
Vaught phone Commissioner Feller
inquiring about a ad placed on
Commissioner Fellers blog informing
the public of his strong ties with
Commissioner Berry. After Commissioner
Feller informed Councilmen Vaught "If
you refute your ties email me saying
that and I will place your response in
the blog un-edited".

However, Commissioner Berry staged
a media campaign at his office. He was
very nervous for someone with a law
degree. Most importantly you could
tell that the reporter saw him as a
liar. It was priceless when she asked him
"if he thought this was so important
why didn't he contact Commissioner
Feller" Commissioner Berry had no
answer. When she asked him" the
identity of the individual that supposedly
told him again he had no answer".

Maybe I should explain the rules of
the game to Commissioner Berry.
Because his last four moves have been
absolute blunders. Stick to the facts!!
Just as Commissioner Feller does to
you. How did Doug Vaught know
that the media was going to contact
Commissioner Feller, when Steve Berry
said on national T.V. "he did not tell
anyone". Why did Commissioner Berry
contact the news media of Jacksonville?

Would it have something to do with his
"plan" to take over Camden County. And
the fact that Commissioner Feller is
blocking his passage.

Pay more attention to your next
move Stevie!! I am two moves from
check mate!

Sandy Sez:
!!!!!!!NEWS ALERT!!!!!!!!!
The Secretary to the Planning Board
was fired Tuesday morning Oct. 17th.
She made the mistake of obeying the
law. She would not look the other
way. Now you know what "AT-Will"
was all about.

Sandy Feller
County Commissioner
District 4



Remember if you want good dictatorial
government that promises consolidation
of Police and Fire Services with the County.
If you want walking out when the vote goes
the other way. Elect the Berry Line.

Paid for by I.M. NUTS

Friday, October 14, 2005

Will St. Johns attract next big business boom?


I have taken the liberty (with permission)
of reproducing the following article by
Alison Trinidad of the Times Union. It
offers some insights that I wanted to
share with you. At a recent meeting of
the "Blueprint for Prosperity" a
Jacksonville Taskforce it was disclosed
that "Rulon" (a Georgia-based company)
searched all the JDA's in South Georgia
for a home for this project and was
turned away cold. Where was our JDA
when this opportunity arose?

Planners are counting on projects
like World Commerce Center to
start the stampede

This month, developers and economic officials in
St. Johns County await the closing of a coporate
coup that could herald a new era in business
development for the county.

Ring Power Corp., a longtime Jacksonville-based
dealer of heavy industrial equipment, is moving its
corporate headquarters and taking more than 500
jobs to World Commerce Center, a 973 acre
business center off Interstate 95 in the northern
part of the county.

Although business growth in St. Johns County has
trailed in the wake of a housing boom, planners
are counting on projects like World
Commerce to slow that trend. Real Estate
professionals predict that business will cluster
along the interstate, which runs through the heart
of the county. Already, the construction of
about 2.2 million square feet of new business
has been approved in developments
throughout the county - mostly near major
roads like I-95. Employers like ConAgra Foods
Inc., Tree of Life, American Culinary Federation,
Whetstone Chocolate and Dominex, which pay
higher wages than retailers, have established
presences in the county. And county economic
incentive policies are in place to persuade new
business, such as Ring Power, to relocate there.

S. Johns officials say their strategy isn't to divert
business from Duval County, but to supplement it.
And, as growth spills from the south side of
Jacksonville, they say it's likely that more
businesses will take root south of the Duval County
line. At least, they hope it is.


"If you have a county full of rooftops, that's
not a healthy fiscal place for a community
to be," said Kari Keating, who heads the economic
development arm of the St. Augustine & St. Johns
County Chamber of Commerce. "We need to keep
singing the song very loudly that a mix of uses that
includes commercial and industrial (use) is healthy
for a balance in your local tax base."

About three-quarters of the taxable real
estate in the county is residential property,
according to the chamber. Although St. Johns
is a member of Cornerstone, a six-county
partnership that markets the region to potential
businesses, it needs to create high-wage
jobs within its borders or risk becoming
a bedroom community to Jacksonville,
Keating said.

St. Johns County residents earn one of the
highest per capita incomes in the state,
but employers there pay a lower average wage
than employers pay in Duval County. Because
of that, between 35 and 40 percent of the county's
labor force commutes outside the county to work,
Keating said.

More jobs would diversify the county's tax
base, cut down on commute time for its residents
and increase its annual average salary. "That
highlights why we put so much energy into
recruiting those high wage opportuinties
at home," Keating said. "When we look at
all the rooftops that are being approved,
it becomes more daunting. It's just been
easier lately to sell homes because that's
been the hot commodity. In the long run,
our local government leaders need to
really have a keen understanding (that)
we can't put the entire burden on the
homeowners in the future. It's got be

Business Synergy

Frank "Duke" Steineman Jr., the developer
behind World Commerce Center, agrees.

"Most of the development in St. Johns
County to date has been targeted toward
residential development," he said. "It
felt a lot like a bedroom community. I
think it is important to have some
business synergy developed in that area.

Steinemann's largest new development, with
rights to put in about 2.2 million square
feet of office space; 1 million square feet
of retail; 450,000 square feet of light
industrial; 1,150 residences; and 1,000
hotel rooms. Visible from the interstate,
the center is just south of World Golf
Village, a similiar mixed-use project that has
rights to develop up to 5.6 million square feet of
commercial space.

In March, the developer broke ground for the
center's second tenant, Georgia-based Rulon
Co., which manufactures acoustical wood
and PVC ceilings and wall systems for
commercial buildings like hospitals and

"We want to be the employment center for
St. Johns County. That's our objective. And at
this point of time, we have the biggest new
employer in the county on our site. Having
Rulon come along was certainly a very
positive validation for World Commerce
Center," Steinemann said.

Managing the growth

In April, the U.S. Census Bureau named
St. Johns County the ninth-fastest growing
county in the country. From 2003 to 2004,
the county's population jumped 6.7 percent. With
more than 60,000 homes approved for construction
over the next 25 years, it is unlikely that population
growth will slow.

To help manage that growth, the county
adopted an impact fee schedule this year
that more than doubles the government
fees for new construction. The fees help pay
for government services needed to support new
developments, such as roads, drainage,
schools, public safety and fire protection.

The new fees take effect today, increasing the fee
to build a new single-family home from $2,360 to
$6,685 for a home up to 1,800 square feet or
$9,299 for a bigger home. Commercial buildings
smaller than 100,000 square feet went from $2,127
per 1,000 square feet to $6,562 per 1,000 square

If you build it ..........

Other businesses will follow World Commerce Center
and Ring Power, said Chuck White, CEO of real
estate firm Commercial Jacksonville/Cushman &

The residences are going south, and when the
residences go south, the retail and a certain amount
of offices will go there, " White said.

Business leaders are looking to locate closer
to areas they and their employees want to
live, White said. Easy interstate access, close
proximity,low taxes and tourist destinations
like St. Augustine and the beaches make St. Johns
County attractive. More surveys show that these
businessess employees are living south of Butler
Boulevard, he said.

Sandy Sez: I am unlike some other
Commissioners, not in the habit of making
statements without facts. Unfortunately,
my fellow Commissioners think of
developers first and ordinary folks a
distant last.

P.S. See for yourself what really happened

at the October 4th meeting! TUNE INTO

TV CAMDEN Channel 62 St. Marys and 52

in Kingsland. Tuesday October 18th

8:30 pm. Tell me what you think?

Sandy Feller

County Commissioner

District 4

"Working for the future without forgetting the past"

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Let me say first, "I am not a lawyer."

I am giving you this information
because I am told that the Information
is reliable. You must check it out with
a lawyer. Repeat, check it out. Before
reading it. There is also a question
whether "you can change the terms
and condition of employment after the

English translation, can they change
after you are already on the job. This
policy was approved by Mr. Rainer,
Mr. Herrin, Mr. Rhodes and Mr. Berry.
I suggest you remember these names.
You never know when you might need
the information. I wish I could do more
but I am only one vote.

Good Luck, Your Friend
Sandy Feller

Here is Georgia Law:
(a) It is the purpose of this article to
establish in the state a system of
personnel administration which will
attract, select, and retain the best
employees based on merit, free from
coercive political influences, with
incentives in the form of equal
opportunities for all; which will
provide technically competent and
loyal personnel to render impartial
service to the public at all times and
to render such service according to
the dictates of ethics and morality;
and which will remove unnecessary
and inefficient employees. It is
specifically the intent of the General
Assembly to promote this purpose by
allowing agencies greater flexibility in
personnel management so as to
promote the overall effectiveness
and efficiency of state government. To
this end, and in accordance with Code
Sections 45-20-2 and 45-20-6, all
positions filled after July 1, 1996, shall
be included in the unclassified service
of the state merit system, except as
provided in Code Section 15-11-24.3.
It is also specifically the intent of the
General Assembly that employees in
the classified service prior to
July 1, 1996, shall continue to be covered
employees in the classified service and
shall remain subject to the rules and
regulations of the state merit system so
long as they remain in covered positions
or as otherwise provided by law. It is
further specifically the intent of the
General Assembly that state government
operate within a framework of consistent
personnel policies and practices across
all state agencies and entities and that
the state's most valued resource, its
employees, be managed in a manner
to promote work force productivity and
sound business practices.
(b) In order to achieve these purposes,
it is the policy of the state that
agencies treat all employees, whether
included in the classified or unclassified
service, in accordance with the following
(1) Assuring fair treatment of applicants
and employees in all aspects of personnel
administration without regard to race,
color, national origin, sex, age, disability,
religious creed, or political affiliations.
This 'fair treatment' principle includes
compliance with all state and federal
equal employment opportunity and
nondiscrimination laws;
(2) Recruiting, selecting, and advancing
employees on the basis of their relative
ability, knowledge, and skills, including
open consideration of qualified applicants
for initial employment;
(3) Providing equitable and adequate
compensation based on merit,
performance, job value, and
competitiveness within applicable labor
(4) Training employees, as needed, to
assure high quality performance and to
provide work force skills needed to
maintain and advance the state's goals
and objectives;
(5) Retaining employees on the basis of
the adequacy of their performance,
correcting inadequate performance where
possible and appropriate, and separating
employees whose performance is
inadequate; and
(6) Assuring that employees are protected
against coercion for partisan political
purposes and are prohibited from using
their official authority for the purpose of
interfering with or affecting the result of
an election or nomination for office. .
(c) With respect to employees in the
unclassified service, it shall be the
responsibility of the state merit system
to perform the following functions:
(l) Establish and maintain a state-wide
system of pay ranges for all job classes;
(2) Define common job classes, establish
associated minimum qualifications for
those classes and assign those classes to
appropriate pay ranges;
(3) Develop and maintain a common
employment application form to be used
by all applicants for state emploYment,
which form may be supplemented as
necessary by agencies in seeking
information about agency job classes;
(4) Serve as the central contact point for
all potential employees in order to
streamline state-wide recruiting for
applicants, to provide for a state-wide
applicant data base, to refer applicants to
agencies, and make applicant data
available to agencies for review and
(5) Upon request, develop, validate, or
develop and validate applicant screening
devices being utilized by agencies;
(6) Upon request, administer screening
devices on behalf of agencies;
(7) Make employment related training
available to agencies and allow agencies
the opportunity to provide input into the
nature and scope of said training programs;
(8) In consultation with agencies,
establish state-wide model standards and
processes and best practices criteria which
agencies shall use in developing internal
processes for classification, compensation,
pay for performance, and performance
management, including processes involved
in defming job classes, establishing and
applying associated minimum qualifications,
assigning jobs to appropriate state-wide
pay ranges, developing and applying
applicant screening methods, and
measuring worker effectiveness;
(9) Audit agencies' processes as referred to
in paragraph (8) of this subsection and
report findings annually to the Governor
and the General Assembly in conjunction
with an annual report on the overall status
of the state work force;
(10) Serve as consultant to agencies on work
force planning and effective work force
strategies, provide technical support
assistance, and direct services to agencies as
requested; and
(11) Maintain and make available to the
public at large a state-wide central registry
of employment vacancies and job
announcements in state government as
provided to the state merit system by
(d) With respect to employees in the
unclassified service, it shall be the
responsibility of the employing agency
to perform the following functions:
(1) Within state-wide human resource
standards, processes, and best practices
criteria, define agency unique job classes,
establish and apply associated
qualifications for those job classes, and
assign those job classes to pay ranges on
an appropriate state-wide compensation
(2) Allocate agency positions to defmed
job classes;
(3) Recruit and screen applicants for job
(4) Develop and administer appropriate
job applicant screening devices to ensure
the integrity of the hiring process; and
(5) Develop agency unique policies to ensure
compliance with all applicable
employment related state and federal laws.
(e) Subsections (c) and (d) of this Code
section shall not apply to the legislative
or judicial branches, to the board of
regents, or to any agency which employed
no classified employees as of July 1, 1996.
(f) Each agency shall develop an annual
work force plan according to state-wide
criteria and guidelines and shall provide
a report of such plan annually to the state
merit system for incorporation into the
state-wide work force plan to be
submitted to the Governor and the
General Assembly. (g) In the event
agencies do not use a competitive civil
service examination to fill some or all of
their unclassified positions, it is expressly
the intent of the General Assembly that
appropriate consideration be given to
veterans as defined under Article IV,
Section III, Paragraph II of the
Constitution of Georgia and Article 2
of Chapter 2 of this title in the filling of
job vacancies in this state. Guidelines
defining consideration practices shall
be developed at the state level. Agencies
shall specify agency policies and practices
to implement appropriate consideration
of military veterans in filling agency job
(h) The rules of statutory construction
contained in Chapter 3 of Title 1,
relating to general provisions concerning
the construction of statutes, as now or
hereafter amended, shall apply to this
Here is what Georgia law says about
counties that have created a civil service
system. 36-1-21.
(a) The governing authority of any county
is authorized to provide by ordinance or
resolution for the creation of a civil service
system for employees of the county, other
than elected officials or persons appointed
to positions for specified terms. .
(b) Subsequent to the creation of a civil
service system, the county governing
authority which created the system may
provide by ordinance or resolution that
positions of employment within
departments subject to the jurisdiction
of elected county officers or subject to
the jurisdiction of other commissions,
boards, or bodies of the county shall be
subject to and covered by the civil
service system upon the written
application of the elected county
officer, commission, board, or body
having the power of appointment,
employment, or removal of employees
of the officer, department, commission,
board, or body. Once positions of
employment are made subject to the
civil service system, such positions
shall not be removed thereafter from
the coverage of the civil service system.
(c) A civil service system created
pursuant to the authority of this Code
section shall be administered in such
manner and pursuant to such rules
and regulations as may be provided
for by resolution or ordinance of the
county governing authority which
created the system.
at the end of (b).

One might infer that by the adoption
of the personnel policies by resolution
in 2001 (which incorporated guidelines
for hiring and firing) the county created
a civil service system, and cannot
unring the bell.

P.S. Please print this out and put
away in a safe place.


Sandy Feller
County Commissioner
District 4

"Working for the future without forgetting the past"

Friday, October 07, 2005


Despite questions of legality the
County Commissioners passed the
new personnel policy 10-04-05. The
fact that it was implemented before
the fact was ignored.

There will be a SPECIAL EDITION
of this publication Tuesday October
11, 2005. It will be for employees of
Camden County. It will be published
at 9:00 am. If you miss it you can
always get it by looking at "Recent
Posts" on the right hand side of any

Please make a copy and put it away in
a safe place. It will be a valuable tool
if you are fired under the "AT-WILL"


I was censured for communication with
Environmental Protection Department
(EPD) at the 10-04-05 meeting of the
County Commission. Please send all
comments to We
want to hear from you.

The following is the correspondence
that I was censured for:

To: Jim Harris, Program Director
EPD Coastal District

Cc: Robert A. Scott Program Manager P.E.
Jeff Larson, PCEP
Darrell Crosby, Coastal Director EPD
David Word, Assistant Director EPD


Gentlemen this is to I confirm
conversations I have had recently with
members of your staff Reference:
Woodrow Sapp Well Drilling DBA: W&D
Investments, or any variation thereof.
We urge you to investigate carefully the
financial health of the above with all
diligence. Additionally, any bonding
company he maybe using to back up
his projects.

Camden County has passed legislation
which states "We will not be party to
backing up W&D or any other private
supplier of water or waste water treatment
(Trust Indenture) should there be an
inability to perform at some future date.
State law says if a holder of a permit fails
then the County is liable, unless, they
notify the state in advance. You are
hereby notified. Additionally, there has
been no public vote by the County stating
that W&D will be a regional service
provider. Under 489, which we have
not publicly repudiated, we state that
we will not "be in the water business."

If we plan to enter the water business we
will have to vote to do so in a public forum.
Be advised, you put the taxpayers in an
exposed position if W&D fails. You have
been notified that we will not back him
up therefore satisfying the legal

I do this as a County Commissioner
sworn to protect the citizens of Georgia
as well as Camden County.

Sandy Feller
County Commissioner
District 4


The letter to EPD followed a telephone
conversation with Jeff Larson PCEP
which followed several conversations
and communications with Jim Harris -
Program Director EPD Coastal District.
Mr. Scott, Program Director P.E. was
contacted at the suggestion of Mr. Larson.

My concern is that we need to
enforce the legislation we passed
to protect our citizens from future
"Flea Hills" which cost us
thousands of dollars. With the growth
in the North. If we are not protected it
could cost us lOO's of thousands of dollars.
With me the taxpayers come first. I have
no feelings one way or the other regarding
any commercial operation. In view of the
fact that the actions of the JDA are below
the radar and out of ear shot.

I feel the citizens of Camden County
must be protected by whatever legal
means available.

Sandy Sez:
It is my sworn duty to the citizens of
Camden County to represent them in
all matters and to protect the interests
without fear and without favor.

This I do and will continue to do so
long as I have your support. Thank you
for the opportunity of serving you

Sandy Feller
County Commissioner
District 4

"Working for the future without forgetting the past"