Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Mailbox 10-26-05

Here is a small selection from an
outpouring to our email
We will try to catch up as soon as we
can. With this posting our counter
reads over 10,000. Thank you
Camden County for participating.

Robert G. Becker writes about travesty
in County Government:

Once again personal issues by certain
commissioners has already rear it's
ugly head. "At will" is at fault, and it
will destroy this county. Within days
of four of the Commissioners passing
"At will" they fired the Secretary for
Planning. A very honest woman, who
told them what our County rules were.
She won't play ball with them, because
of the rules and regulations that had
been passed. It's back to square one.
Certain individuals get special favors,
to the detriment of the rest of the
County people. This is government
of the few by the few. People wake up,
we are getting ripped off by certain
Commissioners. The average person
in this County will no longer be able
to live here if the taxes keep increasing.
As to "At will" you can bet that an
honest person cannot work for this
County. By that I mean try to follow
the rules, they'll get fired, it is to
intimidate the employees so that if you
blow the whistle on these people, you get
fired. Fear and intimidation is now the
order of business for all employees of
the County. What do you think will
happen with these employees and what
do you think they will be forced to do,
if they want to keep working?

Commissioner Herrin is back at
telling people to do special jobs for
special people to the detriment of
other work they should be doing,
many of these things border on being
illegal by County law.

Commissioner Berry is pushing his
agenda as agent and lawyer for
First National Bank, for the County to
buy land from the bank, land we
do not need. Then says he cannot vote
on it because he is involved with the sale.
What does that tell you about why he
is there.

It appears that these people are
feathering their own nest at the
expense of the people of the County.
When are people going to wake up
to what is going on, I HOPE SOON!!

Marion Wall candidate for City Council
Kingsland writes:

Mr Feller, in response to your comment
about Kingsland; I believe that Kingsland
will be on the move when I am elected.
One of the things I want to do is, not
sell the golf course. Yes It has been
loosing about 1/2 Mil a year but I
believe that with proper management
we can take this property that the people
have purchase and make it a winner for
all of Camden County. I see the golf course
as an attraction to Kingsland. They have
nice facilities and could be an attraction
to many for weekend activities and
meals. The only reason it is not making
money is that it is mis-managed. If the
golf course is sold as presently planned;

1. The taxpayers loose money.
2.The golf course will be changed to housing.
3. The people that bought there
(Laurel Island) for the golf course will be
jipped. So lets not sell the course, Lets
look for a contractor that is willing to
work on an incentive basis and pay
Kingland their Investment through
the profits of proper management.

Bottom line on the golf course; why
should we loose money so someone
else can make some? I would like to
see reduced taxes, improved services
and an enhanced lifestyle in Kingsland.
This would be one way to help that
vision. I believe that I will be a better
steward of our tax dollar than my
opponent. I hope everyone will vote
to make Kingsland, Camden County's
city on the move.

Gull Weaver Candidate for St. Marys
City Council

My good friend (Mrs.) Gull Weaver is
running for St Marys City Council.
I would like everyone to consider
voting for her and/or telling your
friends about her. She is very
informed in the city government
and attends all the city council
meetings and many of the county
commissioner meetings and is a
tireless volunteer in the community.

Some of her involvements include:
Navy League, St Marys Submarine
Museum volunteer, Dolphin
Scholarship Auction volunteer,
just to name a few.

Gull's husband Royal is a retired Navy
Chief who currently works (as a civilian)
with the SSGN submarine USS Florida
that is coming to Kings Bay in May 2006.
They have two daughters that attend
schools in Camden County and play
soccer as well as other activities.
As a homeowner in St. Marys
(unlike her opponent) she is a taxpayer
in the city and county. (If you are
going to represent me - you should
be paying the taxes I pay).

I met Gull about ten years ago when
we both were volunteers for the
Dolphin Scholarship Auction at
Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base.
I learned very quickly that she was a
"go-getter" and someone who gives
100% of what she is committed to
doing. I know she will make a good
representative for our city because
of these traits and her integrity.
Personally, I think she is a bit crazy
for wanting to do this, but she is
determined to make a difference
for our city and therefore, I support
her decision and I hope you will too.

If you have any questions or concerns,
please feel free to contact Gull Weaver
at or phone at
673-7822. For more information,
visit her website at

Please tell your friends about Gull and
if you can help with her campaign -
let me know! If you are not registered
to vote yet, don't wait! In the city
elections - every vote counts!

Mr. Jail writes:

This mornings paper "Camden County
Commissioners is considering a
proposal to triple the capacity of the
county jail"--To pay for it you suggested
a 1% sales tax.--Wrong--We have to get
out of the mind set of Tax's, Tax's, Tax's
to solve problems.. A sales tax is still a
tax that will effect the lives of Camden
county Residences. The County must
be run as a business or your household,
you must stay within your means or
budget. If you cant figure a way to make
the new jail SELF SUPPORTING we
don't need it.

A sales tax granted will spread the
burden but the poor souls of this county
will still see thinner pocket books.
Camden voters will vote this down in
2007 I feel sure, we are tired of rising
tax's, enough is enough. I feel any
politician that favors this tax idea
will be hurt.
Sandy sez:
I was just thinking out loud. I don't
have a real position at this time.
P.S. County forming a committee
to study jail expansion. They
proposed 3 members from Sheriff
Office, 2 County Commissioners,
1 from each city and 1 private
citizen. Does the breakdown seem
fair or is it too weighted toward
Commission and not enough toward
the rest of the county?

N. writes about Brian Fewox:

Just wanted to ask, what do you
think of Fewox resigning his
position, causing us to pay for a
special election, then running
again? What's to say half way
through his term (IF he did win
the election) he wouldn't resign
again? I think he should be
paying for that special election!
What do you and others think
of this?
Sandy Sez:
Reminds me of the Soprano's TV
series line. First I'm in, then I'm
out, then I'm in. I guess he can't
make up his mind. Shall we help
him out?

S.H. writes about City of Dover Bluff:

I have to tell you that there are days
that I'm tempted to just sell out and
move on. Where would I look it up?
State's website, I suppose. More
potential for politicians and
corruption may not be the answer.
But we do desperately need a new
commissioner in our area. How can
land development begin before
rezoning is approved by the planning
commission, and before going to the
board of commissioners?
Neanderthals are running the place.

Mr. Outraged writes about taxes:

Damn, you have me fired up---I need a
new car but at this time I cannot afford
one. I must wait until my budget allows
me to buy one. We need a new Church
but we must wait until we have saved
up enough money, I could go on and on,
this is how responsible people think and
act. If you don't have the money you
don't buy it, simple, law of the land.

We are slowly pushing the retires and
people on fixed income out of Camden
County. Many are selling their homes
because they cannot afford the increased
tax's and insurance. We will soon be a
County of newcomers---. I dare you to
put me on the committee to check this out.

Sandy, people in responsible positions
such as you have to think more about the
poor souls that live from pay check to
pay check. This group of people are
being walked on. Its time we started
thinking of them and helping them out
---no more tax's.

This County doesn't need to grow , we
are big enough. As of now we are bigger
then Brunswick, what's the aim now
Jacksonville?? When we have the
problems fixed in the County then we
can think of growing. We are growing
so fast our pants don't fit, we need
more tax's to buy bigger pants.
Sandy Sez: I totally agree with
you. If only the other
Commissioners would
think about those of us who
have lived here a long time and
are being pushed out by high taxes.
We would be better off!
State Senator Chapman is the only
one sticking up for the littlemen.
Contact him at
ask him what you can do. Let me
know how you make out.

J. writes about conflict:

I guess Steve Berry feels as though he has
prevailed AGAIN!!! This guy is truly a
nemesis to Camden County. How can
he as a Attorney suggest that it's a
wonderful thing to have David Rainer
acting as both a County Manager and
Chairman of the County Commission.
What is Steve Berry getting for his
disloyalty to the taxpayers? I believe
if we get rid of Steve Berry, Camden
County has the opportunity to grow in
a very productive manner. The rest are
followers of his!!! Sandy, keep up the
good work the residents appreciate you.

Mr. Tact writes about Thug Void:

Regarding the latest dirty trick from the
gang-of-four, I'm sure you realize that
what is really going on is perfectly
self-evident to friends and foe alike.
Puts me in mind of my political
arrest as a "gunslinger." Hang in there.

By the way, for those of us who are
cable subscribers, what are the chances
of having the county commission meetings
broadcast on cable access channels? That
kind of sunshine might eventually
disenfect the place.
Sandy Sez:
You ask and you shall receive.
TV Camden is nowing airing the
County Commission meetings.

Bill writes about Steve Berry:

I'm proud to see that there is someone
who is not going to take this type of
underhanded stuff. Any one that can
fog a mirror believes Berry is behind this.
At the the very least he is a proven liar
about not contacting the media. He sure
gets away with a lot of stuff.

Mr. Tact writes about Rulon Company:

Regarding the Rulon Company moving

to St. Augustine, check this out:

They are moving their corporate

headquarters from BRUNSWICK, GA !!!

Even though they had to repeatedly drive

by several prime Camden locations off of

I-95 in order to look at the St. Johns County

location, our vaunted JDA / Planning and

Building Dept. made no effort to land this


I started to exclaim "UNBELIEVABLE,"

but then I realized how truly unbelievable

that would be to anyone familiar with our
JDA's dismal (but apparently quite

satisfactory to the Gang of Four) record

of misfeasance.

Mr. Bobby Bryant writes about Jail:

You are not the commissioner of my

district, but I have a question. If you

could answer it, that would be great,

but if you don't. I'll understand. I have

been reading the bickering back and

forth with the commissioners and

ST. Marys. My question is, Who paid

for the jail and who owns it now? If the

answer is the taxpayers, which the

commissioners are suppose to represent,

then aren't the people of ST. Marys,


If all that is true, then shouldn't ST.Marys

have the same use of the jail as the sheriffs

dept. or any other city in the county at no

extra cost.

Sandy Sez: You are correct.

The story [ click here ] at the Fox30 web
site recounts the apparently ongoing battle
between Camden Commissioner Stephen
Berry and fellow Commissioner Sanford
Feller. I say `apparently ongoing` because
nobody would make such unfounded and
laughable accusations as has Commissioner
Berry without already having an agenda to
Sandy Sez:
Thank you one and all for your
support during these trying days.
Your eyes and ears told you the truth.
I am deeply humble.

Sandy Feller
County Commissioner
District 4

"Working for the future without forgetting the past"