Wednesday, October 19, 2005


In a fit of frustration over the
disclosures of this blog. I
suspect that Commissioner Berry
caused the blog to be infected by
PORN. The porn has been cleaned
out and turned over to the FBI for

What follows are my remarks at the
County Commission meeting of
October 18, 2005. To view this
meeting check with "TV CAMDEN"
for scheduled airing.

On Sunday October 16th I received a
phone call from Dough Vaught a citizen
of St. Marys. He called to complain
about a piece on the blog that he
thought was negative towards his
candidacy for City Council. I invited
him to send a letter to
and I would print it as received.

He then said "do you know anything
about a TV story on Fox News and CBS
regarding the County and you".

I replied that if there was a story about
me the normal practice would be for me
to be interviewed first. Further, I
advised him that I had not been

As an aside, my wife heard the entire
conversation (my side).

Around lunch time on Monday a
reporter and a camera man showed
up at my office. She proceded to tell
me that I have a porno site on my blog.
I said I didn't know what she was
talking about. We went on my
computer and she showed me how to
find the porno site. I indicated that
this was my profile and that I hadn't
visited it since I set up the blog in

She further indicated that this had
been brought to her attention by
Commissioner Berry. She indicated
further that Commissioner Berry
claims the matter had been brought
to him by a high school student which
Mr. Berry refused to/or could not

After the reporter left Mr. Bob Becker
(former County Commissioner) who
was present during the interview said
that he would discuss the matter with
his son. His son was formerly with
Security at IBM.

I then contacted a local computer
service bureau and tasked them with
finding out when, where and who
hacked into my computer. I then filed
a complaint with the FBI asking them
to look into the matter.

Finally I contacted my Web Master to
ask him how to clean up the site. He
checked and then gave me the necessary
instructions and the contents were
cleaned out around 6:00 p.m. that same

It is clear to everyone what this is all
about. My blog is bringing valuable
information to the general public.
This is something that Commissioner
Berry doesn't want to happen.

He likes the warmth and comfort of
darkness to accomplish his agenda.
My blog shines too much light.
Clearly someone close to Commissioner
Berry hacked into my blog and put this
filth in. Time will tell when and who.
The proof is that he waited 10 days to
air the subject. 10 days that he didn't
tell me. 10 days he didn't file a complaint
with the authorities. 10 days he was
happy to leave this filth within access to
children. 10 days that parents were not
made aware.

In other words politics were more
important then the welfare of the
community. I on the other hand I moved
with all dispatch when advised of the
situation. Commissioner Berry you
should be ashamed.
Denise R. Taylor writes about
Commissioner Steve Berry:

The armor has cracked and they
are feeling very vulnerable. The
results of that vulnerability has
shown up in Commissioner Steve
Berry latest display. He's desperate
and desperate people, do desperate

I ask the public to read the following
and decide if it is time to speak up
and speak out. I have my opinion,
I would love to know yours.

Commissioner Berry placed a 3rd
censure against Commissioner Feller
on the agenda prior to October 11th.
No one advised Commissioner Feller
of what the censure was for. The most
that he was given by the Secretary
"was inapproiate conduct".

On October 16th City Councilmen Doug
Vaught phone Commissioner Feller
inquiring about a ad placed on
Commissioner Fellers blog informing
the public of his strong ties with
Commissioner Berry. After Commissioner
Feller informed Councilmen Vaught "If
you refute your ties email me saying
that and I will place your response in
the blog un-edited".

However, Commissioner Berry staged
a media campaign at his office. He was
very nervous for someone with a law
degree. Most importantly you could
tell that the reporter saw him as a
liar. It was priceless when she asked him
"if he thought this was so important
why didn't he contact Commissioner
Feller" Commissioner Berry had no
answer. When she asked him" the
identity of the individual that supposedly
told him again he had no answer".

Maybe I should explain the rules of
the game to Commissioner Berry.
Because his last four moves have been
absolute blunders. Stick to the facts!!
Just as Commissioner Feller does to
you. How did Doug Vaught know
that the media was going to contact
Commissioner Feller, when Steve Berry
said on national T.V. "he did not tell
anyone". Why did Commissioner Berry
contact the news media of Jacksonville?

Would it have something to do with his
"plan" to take over Camden County. And
the fact that Commissioner Feller is
blocking his passage.

Pay more attention to your next
move Stevie!! I am two moves from
check mate!

Sandy Sez:
!!!!!!!NEWS ALERT!!!!!!!!!
The Secretary to the Planning Board
was fired Tuesday morning Oct. 17th.
She made the mistake of obeying the
law. She would not look the other
way. Now you know what "AT-Will"
was all about.

Sandy Feller
County Commissioner
District 4



Remember if you want good dictatorial
government that promises consolidation
of Police and Fire Services with the County.
If you want walking out when the vote goes
the other way. Elect the Berry Line.

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