Friday, October 21, 2005


Dear Commissioner Feller,

If you check the public records in

the Planning and Building
Department you will find a lot of
unlawful activities. There have
been approvals given that did not
meet the minimum requirements
that were set for the protection
of life and safety of the residents
of the County. Appendix A, Article
One, Section 104 of the Official
Code of Camden County states:

“The purpose of the regulations

are to promote the public health,
safety and general welfare of the
county. The overall objective of
these regulations is to consider
land subdivision plans as part
of an overall plan for the orderly,
efficient and economical
development of the land within
the planning commission’s

The unfortunate truth to the
matter is that the Board of
Commissioners, or at least two
of them, believe that the
Planning and Building Department
work for them and their friends
only. They do not take into
consideration the effects their
decisions could have on the
neighbors or on the future

For example:

Middleton Plantation was allowed

to record their final plat without
installing fire hydrants. Oh, they
installed two dry hydrants on the
lake they proposed, but the
ordinance that the Board of
Commissioners approved on
January 18, 2005 required fire
hydrants to be placed every 500
feet and not more than 500 feet
from any structure. The developers,
Waterfront Group, argued through
their surveyor (Jackson Surveying)
that they did not need to install
those hydrants because they were
an extension to a subdivision they
had completed in 2004 (before the
ordinance was created). If in deed
they could prove, without a master
plan showing locations of future
developments, that they were
indeed an extension they would
have another issue to face.
A State review.

Well, the Planning Commission
was deceived by the interim
Planning Director (Mr. Bob Noble)
when he stated that all issues
raised by staff had been addressed
when in fact, they had not. No state
review had taken place. When
the project made it to the Board of
Commissioners and one of the
members had asked about the
review, he was also deceived
when he was told that it was
not required. Unfortunately
for the County, that
Commissioner (Sandy Feller) asked
the state if it was true. Since that
initial question, the Regional
Development Center, in charge
of the state review, sent a letter
to the Board of Commissioners
informing them of the violation.
Now, the County and its
residents face the potential loss
of thousands of dollars from
state and federal funding. Luckily,
this offense would only be a
temporary suspension of the
Qualified Local Government Status.

The interesting part is that the first
time the County was warned about
not completing State review was
from a project that the same
developers had done…do you see
a trend?

We won’t go into the details about
landowners not being able to build
houses because the developers have
not completed their infrastructure.

We also won’t discuss the
substandard water lines that have
been installed in Middleton

Do you want to know that Waterfront
Group is not the only developer that
gets special privileges from the Board
of Commissioners? Chip Drury
at Laurel Island also received
approvals without providing the
County with the required bond for
the infrastructure. Oh and there
are more where that came from…

The sad truth to all of this is that
the residents are the ones that suffer.

If they want to change the rules
than they should change the
ordinances so that everybody is
treated the same. There are a lot
of developers in Camden County,
most of them local, that follow
the rules and sometimes it costs
them thousands of dollars, but
you don’t see any of them taking
the Board members out to lunch…

Who do you think the Board of

Commissioners is really working
for? Well they have proven over
and over again that it certainly
isn’t the residents of Camden
County. Who said that money
couldn’t buy you anyone?

Just ask E.B. Herrin
or David Rainer!

Signed A Taxpayer


Commission meeting of October
18th, scheduled for airing on
Friday October 21st at 9:30 p.m.

St. Marys - Channel 62
Kingsland - Channel 52

On Saturday October 22nd at 5:00 p.m.
St. Marys - Channel 62

On Sunday October 23rd at 5:00 p.m.
St. Marys - Channel 62

Sandy Sez:

I would just like to point out the
inconsistencies in Commissioner
Steve Berry statements.

1. He told the Georgia Times Union
that he did not contact CBS 47 News.
But Celine McArthur of CBS 47 News
stated that Commissioner Berry
contacted her.

2. Commissioner Berry told Celine
McArthur of CBS47 that a high school
student contacted him.
He stated at the County Commission
meeting that a Parent contacted him.

3. Commissioner Berry said on
CBS 47 "I did not tell anyone, I was
going to wait until the Commission
But Doug Vaught called me the day
before CBS 47 showed up and alerted
me of their coming.

4. Commissioner Berry stated at
the County Commission meeting
that he told the County Secretary
to share with me what the censure
was about. Which he didn't. He
then stated that the County
Secretary told me. Which she
didn't. He then stated that he did
not tell anyone. Which he did!

I would go on but why bother!

I am going to leave this entire
mess in the hands of the

Sandy Feller
County Commissioner
District 4

Have a great Camden County Weekend

"Working for the future without forgetting the past"