Friday, November 11, 2005


SANCTUARY COVE an upscale closed
gate community located in the Dover
Bluff area of Camden County is to expand
its waste water treatment plant. If plans
go thru, they will serve two similar
developments "BRIDGE POINTE at
VILLAGE." Bridge Pointe is a
development of 762 acres and
SATILLA is 381 acres. When built
out over 1000 homes would be

Camden County to consider two
pieces of legislation which are
designed to favor growth at
the expense of the existing

First, In cooperation with the
JDA they will consider making
closed gate community located in
the Dover Bluff Area) septic tank
for two other developments in
the area.

The plan is to expand the approved
waste water treatment plant located
inside Sanctuary Cove to
accommodate Bridge Pointe at
Jekyll Sound and Satilla Village so
that they can market lots to the
general public.

However, by the letter from JDA to
Mr. Ian Ruggles of Bridge Pointe
at Jekyll Sound the rest of the
County is exposed to all kinds of
problems. What is most disturbing
is why are taxpayers involved?

Why is the JDA and County
Government involved in what
is a totally private venture.
There will be no cash flow into
an enterprise fund* (the way
government usually pays for
water & sewer construction).

*Enterprise Fund - A fund to pay
back taxpayers for a water and
waste water system and to pay
for new construction. (Initially
paid for by bonds, financed by
taxpayers. The fund is paid for
by new residents fees for hook-up
to the system. Also for water use
(monitored by meters).

The receiver of the waste is
private (Sanctuary Cove) the
givers are two private developers.
Why should the taxpayers not
only be involved, but our good
name is guaranteeing the entire
project leaving us legally liable.

The following letter is an exact
replica of what the JDA is telling
developers on taxpayers behalf.

August 3O, 2005

Mr. Ian Ruggles
Bridge Pointe at Jekyll Sound
PO Box 86
Waverly, GA 31565

Re:Bridge Pointe at Jekyll Sound

Dear Mr. Ruggles;

The Camden County Joint Development
Authority (CCJDA) supports growth on
Dover Bluff Road in the Northern part
of Camden County.

Our goal is to have a public water and
sewer system in place as soon as possible.
Our consultant engineering firm tells us
this system can be in place in four (4)

Because of our desire to promote growth
in Camden County, this letter is to assure
your company that we will do whatever
it takes to assist you with your development.
If it becomes necessary to put in package
plants for sewer, we plan to install them
and we plan to be putting in water wells.

If for any reason we find that we can not
accommodate your time frame for develop-
ment, we will work with private enterprise
to provide these utilities.

Again, thanks for your interest in Camden
County and the goal of the CCJDA is to
make things happen!

With Best Regards,
Bob Noble Executive Director

Secondly, the county proposes
banning trailers in R1 (single
family) and R2 (2 family) zones.

What this means is that there
will be no trailers in new areas.
However, it also means that there
will be no new trailers where they
currently exist. Bascially, if
something happens to your trailer
or you want to make yours bigger,
you will not be allowed to do so.

Imagine, for example if a tornado
came down and destroyed 6 mobile
homes. Not only would the families
be devastated but additionally they
would not be able to rebuild. I
repeat, if anything happens to your
trailer (including wearing out) you
will not be able to put a new one
where the old one was.

Sandy Sez:
The JDA is encouraging housing which
we already have plenty of instead of
concentrating on businessess of
which we have none. Why is it?

Is it because they don't want
business here???

With reference to the trailer matter I
suppose they think that the time for
people with limited income has past.
That Camden now belongs to the
rich and famous.

What a pity that they have no soul.
Call them, tell them, ask them "where
is your humanity?"

Sandy Feller
County Commissioner
District 4

"Working for the future without forgetting the past"